Questions I Have Following ‘Riverdale’ 4×07 ‘The Ice Storm’

With Thanksgiving just a week away, Wednesday’s episode of Riverdale took a break from the mystery of Stonewall Prep and Betty’s family issues to enjoy the holiday and give thanks. This is the town of Riverdale after all – they’re should just be thankful to still be alive.

Nevertheless, I still have questions about what will go down when the show returns. Here are my biggest ones following episode 4×07, titled “The Ice Storm”.

Will Dodger’s family finally get their vengeance?

Seeing as Dodger got beaten to a pulp in last week’s episode, his family was out for vengeance this week. Of course, they set their sights on Archie and the Community Center. I guess criminals don’t even take the holidays off.

Once Archie is informed who the family is, he tries to make peace without disrupting the Thanksgiving feast. Dodger’s mom isn’t having any of it, though, and pulls a gun on Archie. But thanks to Mary’s quick thinking and an exploding deep-fried turkey, all ends well as Dodger’s family go off into the night for now.

It is obvious that Dodger’s family will be back to get their revenge and Archie will need to prepared. As we all know, exploding turkeys don’t happen every day.

Is Jughead going to dig himself to a grave?

With all of Stonewall Prep on holiday break, Jughead and Betty try to have a romantic holiday weekend in the dorm and investigate Mr. Chippings’ “suicide”. However, their love fest is interrupted by Brett and Donna, who played a sick prank on Jughead.

Jughead and Betty discover a suicide note from Chippings that happened to fall out of Brett’s jacket and find Chipping’s tie pin in Donna’s room. So it is clear they had something to do with Chippings’ “suicide” and it’s even clearer that Donna and Brett have something to do with Jughead’s disappearance later in the season.

Jughead needs to watch his back. While I don’t think he’s dead, I do think he may let his friends in on what’s going on, if the flashforwards are anything to go by. It’ll be fun to see as we head into the fall finale.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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