3 Questions Following ‘Black Lightning’ 3×06 “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”

Monday’s episode of Black Lightning showed the follow up from the death of Tavon and how both Jefferson and Anissa dealing with the aftermath of it all.

As always, I’ve got questions about what’s to come. So here are three of the biggest questions I have following episode 3×06, titled “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”.

Can Lynn and Jefferson’s marriage survive?

This season is moving slowly with the ASA storyline but that took a backseat this week as viewers saw some raw emotion from Jefferson in the aftermath of Tavon’s death. Lynn has been nothing but annoying over the last few episodes but Monday’s episode might have taken the cake.

Tobias might be a criminal and a downright asshole, but he was just trying to help Lynn out. As he said, he stabs you in the front unlike Odell, who stabs you in the back. Speaking of that guy, Tobias talks to Lynn about him and suggests that Odell killed Isa. Lynn refuses to believe it, partly because Tobias is an untrustworthy ass but also because she’s high as a kite on green light without even realizing it.

Due to being drugged out of her mind, Lynn isn’t thinking straight and leaves Jefferson at the end of the episode. She claims they are done, but are they really? I just can’t see that lasting too long. Jefferson will find a way to get his marriage back on track, especially now that both his family and city are torn apart.

Is Odell gone for good?

I’m hoping the answer to this question is ‘yes’.

Odell is alerted that a meta and a Markovian have arrived in Freeland and leaves to confront Markovian. They all get into a gunfight at Club 100 and Odell is gravely injured. Black Lightning arrives but not in time to save Odell, who manages to call him a coward before taking his last breath.

I know we all saw Odell get shot and die, but is he gone for good? I certainly hope so because of I was tired of him being in power and being so manipulative. I am disappointed that Black Lightning didn’t fry his ass for all the crap Jefferson and his family were put through. And if Odell is truly gone, who takes over as leader? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Khalil.

Will Anissa pull through?

If you remember, Khalil infected Anissa with that super-toxic poison and now it’s running through her body fast, making her condition worse by the second. Gambi comes up with an anti-venom to slow the process but it may not be enough.

I don’t see a situation where the show kills off any member of the Pierce family but it does make for an interesting situation as the big “Crisis” crossover looms. I was wondering why Black Lightning would be the only character from this world to appear in the crossover, but it seems like the mess in Freeland won’t be resolved by then so it only makes sense that one of his daughters would hold the fort down.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Black Lightning airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

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