Exclusive Interview with CORVYX

CORVYX is back with his first original single in 4 years. In “Planet 9”, he parallels the barren wasteland of a forgotten planet to the aftermath of losing ‘star-crossed’ love. 

I got the chance to talk to him about what made now the right time to release original music again, the writing process for “Planet 9”, what fans can expect from the music video, and so much more! Keep reading to see what he had to say!

This is your first original single in 4 years. What made now the right time to release original music again? 

After four to five years of exploring many facets of myself through the covers and music videos I’ve done on YouTube, I felt like I finally fleshed out what CORVYX is and what it wants to say. I had been writing originals in between all those years and couldn’t bring myself to release them because I ruminated on them for too long and ended up hating them or feeling they weren’t good enough. I eventually realized I was self-sabotaging by letting the perfectionist in me drive the car instead of hitting the eject button and grabbing the wheel myself. The timing of the Universe is always right on course. I couldn’t have planned this if I tried; the release of this single (“Planet 9”) coincided with the end of Pluto in Retrograde AND the resurgence of the ever-controversial debate of whether Pluto should be invited into the solar system and join the ranks of the other planets once more. If that’s not divine timing, I don’t know what is. 

Speaking of “Planet 9”, what inspired this song? 

I initially wrote this song with another concept in mind. I brought that concept to the studio and we began production on the melodies I recorded in the shower on my phone. There was a spacey pad/synth looping over and over while we brainstormed and new lyrics came to me. “Could you come beam me up?” was all I kept repeating and then I wrote the rest of the song based off of that line and the production we started. It was very inspired. 

I always love hearing about the songwriting process so I was wondering if you could give me a glimpse into what it was like specifically for this song. 

I started writing this song about a very selfish, very real part of myself. I like writing from the shadow-self/underbelly and exposing those ugly, dark facets of human nature so I can acknowledge and then conquer them. It was about the jealousy/anger that comes with seeing someone you love finding happiness without you. Terrible, right? But it’s real. Once the “beam me up” lyrics came to me, I decided to write from my experience with heartbreak and abandonment. And that doesn’t necessarily always relate to another person. I believe we break our own hearts all the time. 

Something I’ve always been curious with songwriting is how topics come to mind. Did you know what you wanted to write about going into the song session that birthed “Planet 9” or did it just come about organically once you were in the session? 

When the ‘beam me up’ lyrics started to take root in my mind, I started writing with deep metaphorical lyricism referring to the cosmos which I have always had an affinity for. And I thought “which planet’s atmosphere would most personify alienation, abandonment, and isolation?” and the answer was very obvious. The forgotten ninth planet, Pluto. Kicked out of the solar system for its distance from the sun, the irregular planetary orbit, and its sheer size, Pluto’s physical characteristics very much parallel how one might feel after the loss of love. Cold, isolated, alienated and distant from the center of gravity. 

Were there any major changes made to “Planet 9” once you got into the recording studio, whether it be in the lyrics or something sonically? 

Once we developed the new direction based on the new lyrics I wrote, I changed some things melodically and really DELVED into the production and was absolutely inspired by actual sound waves captured from the planet Pluto itself. The sound-waves sounded mournful, lost, and it truly inspired the entire process. You can very clearly hear the sound waves throughout the entirety of the song. 

I know you also filmed a music video for this single. What can fans expect from that when it’s finally released? Where does that video rank for you personally in terms of videos you’ve done?

I take my visuals very seriously and the #VYXENS can expect nothing less than a spectacle. We made Area 51 look like a playground. I have so many favorites amongst the cover music videos I’ve done but they are sort of like my adopted children because they’re not completely my own. An original is like my biological child, completely my own creation from inception to completion and it’s very surreal to see that come to life. It’s my favorite to date. 

I know this single just came out, but do you have plans to release another single or EP/ LP anytime soon? 


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