‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 premiere recap: A family divided

Black Lightning returned for its third season on Monday night and if the season premiere is any indication, we’re headed towards an all-out war in Freeland.

The season premiere did a nice job of showing what happened since the season two finale and giving viewers a taste of what’s to come. So without further ado, let’s dive right into this recap!

Running out of patience

The premiere picks up 37 days after the pod kids escaped back in the Season 2 finale. A very haggard Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning is going through the usual routine that the facility is asking all its “subjects” to go through – name, date of birth, etc.

Meanwhile, Anissa, Reverend Holt, and two others visit the one of the holding facilities and discover that there are kids in cages. Now, where have we heard that before? A Markovian named Cyclotronic breaks in, but military Commander Carson Williams ultimately kills him. Freeland is then placed on a lockdown and given an 8 P.M. curfew.

The city is losing its patience and so is Jefferson. Despite being told he and his wife Lynn were getting released, Agent Odell tells them that due to the Markovian attack, neither of them can leave. 

“You’re making me lose my patience,” Jefferson scowled. “You don’t want to see me lose my patience.”

The truth comes out

Jefferson discovers that he has ability to see through walls despite not having his suit. He sees Issa and Tobias, who looks like he’s aged about 70 years despite it only having actually been 37 days.

Odell gets Issa to use his truth-power on Tobias to find out what he knows about the briefcase. Tobias reveals that Agent Proctor’s sole mission was to be a scapegoat, and that Odell was sent to Freeland for much worse reasons, one of which was to turn all the metahumans into weapons.  Odell poisons Issa’s food to keep the truth from getting out and lies to Lynn about what happened to the young boy.

Oh, I can’t wait for Jefferson to light up Odell’s ass. We all know that’s coming.

Episode Notes

  • Elsewhere in the premiere,  Jennifer runs into the bathroom because her powers are going into overdrive, leading her to feel severe pain. Later on in the episode, a young girl the same height, powers, and age as Jennifer is talking to a boy. Anissa drives up and shuts the boy down, making the girl get in the car. It is then revealed that the young girl is Jennifer, who was wearing a cloaking device that Gambi made for her. Jennifer explains to her sister that not using her powers causes her pain.
  • Speaking of Anissa, she got to work breaking free the metas that are being detained by the ASA. She kicks every soldier’s ass and takes the metas to Reverend Holt’s church for safety. Anissa and Gamby come up with a plan. She leads the metas through the woods to the weak point of the ASA’s barrier and gets them all through, but not before she’s struck by a blast and knocked out.
  • I love how the show pulled from today’s political climate with the kids in cages storyline.
  • Anyone think Clapback News was basically Info Wars? No? Just me?

What did you think of the premiere? Let me know in the comments below!

Black Lightning airs Monday’s at 9/8c on The CW.

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