‘Black Lightning’ 3×04 recap: Tensions grow as Jefferson returns to Freeland

Jefferson Pierce learned in Monday’s episode of Black Lightning that life in Freeland isn’t much better just because he’s been released from the ASA’s facility.

The State of Freeland

Freeland doesn’t look like a fun place to be and Jefferson experiences that as he’s driving Jennifer to school. They are stopped by the military and ID’d, but then a civilian is attacked and Jefferson nearly loses control. Boy, his first day back and Jefferson is already angry? Yeah, at this rate, this can’t end well for him or his family.

Later, a student is removed by the ASA right the middle of class because he’s suspected of being a meta. Jennifer is so blind here and it’s annoying. She’s trusting everything Odell is telling her and she’s in for a rude awakening. Jefferson gets Anissa’s help in freeing the student and getting him (and the other prisoners) to safety.

Jefferson’s had enough and meets up with Odell to tell him he’s upset about the military presence, but Odell threats to put Anissa and Jennifer in “the pit” unless he does as he’s told. At this point, I’m so ready for Jefferson to light up Odell’s ass, and I mean that literally.

Odell’s plan for Lynn

Speaking of Odell, his plans for Lynn were also made clear. At the beginning of the episode, Lynn was discussing the meta virus, which was linked to Ebola. She was unable to find a cure but tested Green Light. She used the beneficial qualities of Green Light and tested it on herself to give herself enhanced intelligence.

So basically, Lynn hasn’t slept and is staying up all hours of the day. Jefferson notices and tells his wife to take it easy. Uh, no. How about you force your wife to sleep and not just let her walk out? C’mon Jefferson!

At the end of the episode, Odell explains that this was his plan all along. He reveals that he got Lynn addicted to Green Light on purpose. We see a montage of how he fixed the computer screens with “Take Green Light” messages to make her think it was her idea. The question I now have is, what does he have to gain from all of this?

Episode Notes

  • With so much going on in this episode, I honestly didn’t care for Anissa and Grace’s storyline. It was boring and not really needed in my opinion.
  • Jennifer really annoyed me in this episode. She believes everything Odell is telling her and I feel he’s going to take advantage of that and use her against her father in later episodes.
  • Lynn getting addicted to Green Light is one of the weirdest plot twists. She’s a medical doctor, shouldn’t she have been smarter?
  • Painkiller went on a mission to kill some drug dealers. It’s like the writers have no place for him, so they sent him off to make him relevant for an episode.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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