‘Batwoman’ 1×04 recap: Kate struggles to keep her secret

Now that she’s suited up full time, Kate Kane is struggling to keep her secret. Let’s jump straight into the recap of Sunday’s episode of Batwoman, shall we?

Nothing like a jewel heist!

This week’s “criminal of the week” storyline centered around the villain Magpie, who is basically going around Gotham stealing expensive jewelry. Nothing too exciting but come on, Kate just put the suit on. So we have to give her some easy crimes to start out with, right?

I won’t spend too much time on it but Magpie steals Martha Wayne’s necklace from Wayne Tower, which makes this personal to Kate for obvious reasons. Batwoman finds out that Magpie made a replica necklace and planned for it to explode at the art exhibit. Batwoman swoops in and saves the day as Magpie is arrested.

Kate’s struggle to keep her secret

The main plot of this week’s episode revolved around Kate struggling to keep her new identity a secret. We first see signs of this after she and Reagan spent the night together. It is obvious Kate wants to be in a relationship, but her late night adventures are keeping her from that. It is actually kind of sad to see.

Kate ditches Reagan again and again, coming up with some really lame excuses along the way. Following Magpie’s arrest, Kate realizes this isn’t fair to Reagan and basically ends things between them, at least for now. I do hope this is not the last time we see Reagan; she seems sweet and brought out the best in Kate.

Episode Notes

  • This week lightly touches on all of the Alice drama. She confronts Catherine and tells her she wants the top-secret weapon that Hamilton has been working on. If not, she’ll tell Jacob everything about how she lied about Beth’s death. Catherine refuses and tells Jacob herself. I have a feeling these two may not be together by next week.
  • Speaking of Alice, her boyfriend is still banged up from weeks ago. Batwoman took him to Mary’s illegal clinic, where he revealed a “big plan” for someone (or something) named “mouse”. That doesn’t sound good at all.
  • I’m SO glad the show didn’t drag out this Catherine lying to Jacob thing all season.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

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