‘Batwoman’ 1×03 recap: Batwoman arrives in Gotham

After searching for her true calling, Kate Kane became the hero that Gotham needed in Sunday night’s episode of Batwoman.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of what went down in Sunday’s episode:

Meet Tommy Eliot

Sunday’s episode introduced viewers to Tommy Eliot, a rich asshole who was Bruce’s childhood friend. He is bragging about having a building taller than Wayne Enterprises and almost seems angry that Bruce isn’t at his party to celebrate because he’s convinced Bruce is back in town.

Later, a high-tech gun that Bruce designed to penetrate the batsuit was stolen from the facility. Kate figures that this person has to know that Bruce was Batman and connects two and two, realizing that it’s Tommy who stole the gun.

Kate talks to Tommy at the party and drops a hint, saying that the person who stole the gun must be an idiot for not checking for the tracking device planted within in. Tommy quickly makes a call and yeah, that’s not a good look. Kate confronts Tommy, who admits that while Batman saved his mother from a car accident, he didn’t want him to. He wanted his mother’s fortune instead. What a prick.

Batwoman arrives in Gotham

Heading back to the batcave, Kate tells Luke the city needs a hero, but she’s not Batman. So after a few upgrades, Batwoman is finally in Gotham. She makes her debut up on the roof and slugs it out with Tommy. She uses some of those cool Bat gadgets to save a crowd from a crash elevator but was left hanging on for dear life. Tommy was about to send her down until Alice comes out of nowhere to save her life.

Kate and Alice talk and Kate reveals the “deal” the pair made to stop killing for 24 hours. If she breaks the deal, Kate will be forced to forget that Alice is her sister. Alice says that’s her whole plan! She wants Kate to build up that hate and anger towards her. Pretty twisted if you ask me.

Episode Notes

  • This was easily the best episode so far. Batwoman is finally in Gotham, but something tells me that she’s going to be very busy.
  • Sophie was put on assignment as Mary’s bodyguard, which was both hilarious and revealing. It was pretty interesting that it seems like Sophie is jealous that Kate is having all of these late nights. Hmm?

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

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