‘Batwoman’ 1×02 recap: Kate searches for the truth

Sunday night’s episode of Batwoman saw Kate Kane go on yet a mission to find out the truth behind Beth’s “death” and also had some pretty major reveals.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of what went down in Sunday’s episode.

Kate’s hunt for the truth

As we found out in last week’s episode, Kate knows that Alice is Beth. However, her father Jacob has no clue. Kate decides to drop the bombshell at family breakfast, because that’s of course the perfect time to do it. As you’d expect, he doesn’t believe her.

After that, Kate is determined to prove that Beth is still alive. She planned to get DNA off Alice’s knife to compare with her own. However, both Luke Fox and Sophie refuse to help her out. This little adventure takes a turn when Alice’s rabbits show up, tussle with Kate, and ultimately end up getting the knife back. So, how exactly did Alice’s goons know she had the knife? More on that in a minute.

A twisted family reunion

While visiting her stepsister Mary’s clinic, Kate finds one of Alice’s rabbits. She lets him go but asks him to deliver a message to Alice: “waffles”. This is a code word that the two sisters shared as kids, so it is the ultimate test to find out whether or not Alice is actually “Beth” or not.

Sure enough, Alice confronts Kate later in the episode: “Well, look who finally figured it out.” Two episodes in and we already have a confrontation between our hero and the season’s big bad. Pretty epic stuff. Alice goes from happy to furious in a matter of seconds about being left to die at the accident all of those years ago. Kate says she never got over losing Beth and couldn’t go through it again.

Meanwhile, Sophie let it slip to Jacob where Alice and Kate were. The Crows converge on the site, planning to shoot Alice dead. Kate manages to talk them down and gets them to take in Alice into FBI custody instead. Before being taken away, Alice tells her sister she doesn’t like to share, hinting that Mary is in danger.

At the clinic, Mary holds her own against Alice’s boyfriend/rabbit goon as she fights him off before Batwoman comes in to take care of him.

Another mystery looms

We couldn’t go another episode without a mystery being introduced. Before the episode ends, we learn that it was apparently Mary’s mother Catherine who hired Alice’s rabbits to steal Alice’s knife from Kate. She told a shady looking dude to make it disappear “like it never happened”. Why exactly does Catherine care? It is also suspicious that Catherine was the investigator who found the skull fragments that declared Beth “dead” after the accident.

It doesn’t stop there. As Kate comes out, there’s a gift on her motorcycle: a bat inside a box with a note that read “you have our mother’s eyes”. It looks Alice knows Kate is Batwoman!

Episode Notes

  • I wasn’t sure about Batwoman when the show premiered last week. The first episode was a bit of a slow burn, but Sunday’s episode quickly hooked me. The mystery behind it all has me so curious as to how the rest of the season will play out.
  • We finally got to see the first fractions of Kate and Jacob’s relationship when Kate was younger. Her father told her that bone fragments were found from a skull that were believed to be Beth’s, saying its time to move on. Kate became angry with him and stormed off. This scene was so heartbreaking because it showed a husband/father’s grief and a child dealing with loss, all set to an emotional Billie Eilish track.
  • For the love of God, can we stop with Kate’s letter to Bruce? This letter will be longer than a CVS receipt by the time the season ends.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

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