‘Big Brother 21’ recap: There’s trouble in paradise

Big Brother - A New Nominee

Things got messy in Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother and I’m not just talking about the state of the house following the Power of Veto (POV) competition.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of what went down in Wednesday’s episode.

There’s trouble in paradise

The main storyline of this episode revolved around power couple Jackson and Holly. Yes, the season is so boring at this point that viewers were forced to watch the showmance work out their issues for an entire hour.

They’re fighting because Holly thinks Jackson is being bossy and he thinks she’s being snippy. Things get more uncomfortable when Jackson fails to tell Holly “good morning”. Holly goes to Jackson and calls him a “fucking asshole” (which was bleeped out on the broadcast of course) in front of Christie, Tommy, and Jessica. This did not sit well with Jackson and he let Holly know how he felt about it.

He tells her that you don’t talk to people you care about like that and then Holly starts to “fake” cry. I say fake cry because no tears actually came out of her eyes. She goes on about how she doesn’t want to only be known as “Jackson’s girl” in the house and wants to make a name for herself. To cut it short, they make up by the end of the episode. Well, sort of. Neither seemed genuine about it, so I guess we’ll see what happens sooner rather than later.

Christie’s luck continues

In case you forgot, we had a veto competition to play. This week, the houseguests took part in the classic “Hide And Go Veto”, which saw them trash the house and look for veto cards. The houseguest who hid their card the best would win.

Jackson wanted to throw the competition and did little to hide his card well. However, he did find three of five cards. Tommy hid his in the mattress and ended up winning the Power of Veto. This meant that Christie would continue to survive since everyone knew Tommy would use the veto to save her.

Tommy makes his (obvious) choice

At the veto meeting, Tommy uses the veto on Christie. Jackson then nominates Cliff in her place, meaning either Jessica or Cliff will be next to head to the jury house.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Big Brother continues tonight at 9/8c on CBS with the big double eviction episode where two houseguests will be sent to the jury house.

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