‘America’s Got Talent’ recap: Which act did enough to win it all?

The top 10 of America’s Got Talent took to the Dolby Theatre stage on Tuesday night’s finale for the chance to win the big $1 million prize and a headline show in Las Vegas.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the final performances of the season as well as my winner prediction.

V. Unbeatable

The night kicked off with the high flying dance act V. Unbeatable. The Indian dance group delivered their best performance of the season at just the right time. It began with a flip off of one of the Dolby Theatre balconies and got everyone on their feet.

“I have never seen anything like this,” judge Howie Mandel said. “It is the most exciting danger act on AGT. The V stands for victory.”

Howie’s comments were spot on. I’ve watched AGT since the beginning and I’ve never seen a dance act like this. They have everything they need to be a Vegas act and will definitely be in the top two.

Detroit Youth Choir

Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer choice took the stage next. They performed a cool rendition of Macklemore‘s “Can’t Hold Us”. If you’re thinking you’ve heard the group sing this song before then you’re correct. I wasn’t impressed and for a finals performance, it was lackluster.

“Thank you Mr. White for giving each of them a chance to shine,” judge Julianne Hough said. “You each had a moment and then you came together.”

The choir has proved the doubters wrong and had a great run. Unfortunately, this repeat performance is not good enough to win, in my opinion.

Emanne Beasha

The young opera singer went third. She delivered a powerful rendition of “La Momma Morta” for her final performance. She sounded beautiful and had everyone on their feet following the song.

“Your voice is literally perfection,” judge Gabrielle Union said. “If an angel dropped down to earth today, she would sound like you.”

Emanne is good, but I was bored if I’m being honest. Opera just isn’t my thing and her performance felt more like Broadway than Las Vegas. Will be enough to win? We’ll see how the votes come out.

Ryan Niemiller

The funny man followed Emanne and stepped it up from last week. He performed a hilarious set about how being on the show changed his life and the fear of shaking people’s hands.

“I am going to stop myself gushing for a moment,” judge Simon Cowell said. “There are so many comedies being made, there has to be somebody out there who will consider Ryan. This guy has done enough to show he is box office. Give him the part and the break he deserves.”

Simon is spot on there. Ryan may not win but he certainly deserves a big break. I could see him starring in a movie or on a different television show. Get this man a Netflix special!

Voices of Service

The military members were next and performed a very emotional rendition of Leona Lewis’ “Footprints in the Sand”. Their performance last week was better, but they still delivered a top notch performance at the perfect moment.

“I think you have had two incredible weeks,” Simon said. “You define the words decency and sincerity, and you just gave yourself a chance at winning this whole competition,” Simon added.

I’ve been a massive fan of this group since their first audition and they very well could be in the top five after tonight’s performance.

Light Balance Kids

The next act made me so hungry that I actually grabbed a snack during the commercial break after their performance. Light Balance Kids lit up the stage for the final time dancing in glowing food costumes. It was a cute last performance, but it was lacking something for me.

“You guys don’t need to do anything but be yourself,” Julianne said. “That was you being creative and innovative. You knocked it out of the park.”

Like I said for me, the performance was nothing special. It was like vanilla ice cream; some people love it and some people hate it. I’ll be interested to see where they land in the final voting tonight.

Benecio Bryant

The teen singer was next and took a big risk by performing yet another original song. His song was good, but definitely one of his weaker ones when comparing it to his past performances.

“All this week, people have asked me who could win,” Howie said. “I have said Benicio if he does a cover. You just took a big gamble.”

I’ve said in past recaps that I don’t get the love for Benecio. He is a good, but average singer and not Vegas worthy. I think he might not place in the top five after that performance.

Tyler Butler-Figueroa

Simon’s Golden Buzzer choice was next. He performed the iconic song “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child on his violin and proved to everyone how much he has grown during his time on this show.

“That was the best performance,” Gabrielle added. “You saved the best for last. You were incredible. Beyoncé blessed. you. You did it, babe.”

Tyler is very talented and has given hope to other child cancer survivors in the time he has been on the show. There’s no doubt in my mind that he will have a great career following AGT for years to come.

Kodi Lee

For the final time, Gabrielle’s Golden Buzzer choice Kodi took the stage and he saved his most emotional performance for last. He sang a stunning rendition of Freya Ridings’ “Lost Without You” as a tribute to his mother. His performance had everyone on their feet cheering and chanting his name.

“The words that come to me are, ‘Heck, yeah,’” Howie said. “I think season 14 is the season of Kodi Lee. I think you are worth more than a million dollars, but I think you are going to walk out of here with a million.”

From the moment Kodi finished, I said, “he may have just won this.” And there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s finishing in the top two tonight.

Ndlovu Youth Choir

The final performance of the night came from the Youth Choir from Africa. They sang an outstanding rendition of Toto‘s “Africa”, which was the perfect way to close the show.

“I pray that this show can change people’s lives,” Simon said. “I think that performance may have done it. With that performance, the best finale I have ever sat through in my life.”

I wasn’t too high on this choir originally, but they have won me over in the live show rounds. They have really made a name for themselves in this competition and may even crack the top five tonight.

Who wins? You decide!

After a season of terrifying, emotional, and just weird performances, the winner of season 14 will be crowned tonight.

So who will win? From the moment he stepped on stage to audition, Kodi had this season wrapped up. His audition has over 100 million views online and he is one of the most unique acts to ever be on the show. It would be a massive upset if he did not win tonight.

My top 5: Winner – Kodi, 2nd – V. Unbeatable, 3rd: Voices of Service, 4th: Ndlovu Youth Choir, 5th: Tyler Butler-Figueroa.

Who do you want to win? Let me know in the comments below!

America’s Got Talent airs its Season 14 finale LIVE from the Dolby Theatre at 8/7c on NBC with host Terry Crews.

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