5 Questions I Have After Watching ‘Money Heist’ Part 3

A few weeks ago, I was looking for something new to binge and settled on a Spanish series on Netflix called La Casa De Papelor Money Heist as Netflix has now renamed it. Originally, I clicked on it because it featured three of the actors from another one of my favorite Netflix original Spanish series Elite. But I was pleasantly surprised by the series’ balance of action, passion and even comedy. Of course, I had plenty of questions after easily flying through the first 3 parts. According to an Instagram post from Esther Acebo – who plays Mónica Gaztambide on the show – they’ve just finished filming part 4 of the series, which means fans like myself will be seeing the conclusion to this heist sooner rather than later.

Here are 5 questions I have after watching part 3 that I hope are answered in part 4:  

Where are the police taking Lisbon? What is The Professor going to do now? Will he find out that Lisbon isn’t dead? 

At the end of part 3, Raquel – aka Lisbon – ended up trying to hide out from the police in a farmhouse before she was turned in by the people who own it. She’s confronted by her former colleague Suarez and it briefly seems like he shot her dead after she refused to give up The Professor’s location. The Professor overhears the shots on the radio and ends up on his knees in the middle of the forrest, crying out in grief over the death of the love of his life. However, it is revealed in the last few minutes that she is very much alive.  

So what will the police do with Lisbon? Will they torture her like they did Rio? Or will they simply keep her in the tent and try to pry information out of her? And what happens to The Professor? Will he seek revenge in honor of Lisbon? Will he try to make his way to the Bank of Spain and reunite with the team? And how will he find out that Lisbon isn’t actually dead? So many questions to be answered in part 4!

What happens to the gang now that they’ve declared war on the Spanish government by blowing up a tanker? 

After Lisbon is “killed”, The Professor tells Palermo via their walkie-talkie system: “This is no longer a heist, we’re taking down the system, this is a war.” Palermo knows what this really means and then has Tokyo and Rio launch two RPGs at the tank headed towards the bank. 

As it turns out, it was all trap since Lisbon was actually alive. “That’s the card that Sierra had played to destroy us,” Tokyo says in final seconds of the part 3 finale. “Then, it was war.”

The cops now have more authority to take more drastic action, so what does this mean for the gang? Will they continue to escalate the war? Will some of them give up and try to get out while they still can?

Is Nairobi going to survive that blow to the chest? 

There are only three characters I truly care about on this show: Denver, Nairobi and Monica – in that order. So watching Nairobi get shot in the chest was truly a punch to the gut. Helsinki holds her in his arms and she tells him to give her son the money when he turns 18. In many ways, that moment seemed so final. But I refuse to believe that this badass chick goes out without one last fight.

Is Tatiana, Berlin’s former girlfriend, ever going to show up?

In a flashback scene, we learn that Berlin has a girlfriend named Tatiana. Not only has he told her about The Professor’s plan to rob the Royal Mint of Spain, he also told her all about his and Palermo’s plan to rob the Bank of Spain. But then she’s never brought up again. Writers typically don’t just drop a tidbit of information like that without it coming back around at some point. Will she blow everyone’s cover by revealing what she learned from Berlin? Or will she help them out, since she’s apparently a skilled thief herself?

Will Rio and Tokyo get back together?

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I really cannot stand the Rio and Tokyo relationship. I think Tokyo has taken advantage of Rio time and time again and she does not deserve him. So I was quite okay with the fact that they decided to end things at the end of part 3. However, I am curious as to whether or not the writers will have them get back together in part 4. This relationship has been such a huge part of the show’s identity that I can’t imagine them not coming back to it at some point.

What questions do you hope get answered in part 4? Let me know in the comments below!

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