‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 28 Cast Announced

The brand new cast for Dancing With The Stars season 28 was just announced on Good Morning America and features a Bachelorette, a former NBA player, a country singer and more.

The celebrities for the new season are as follows:

Hannah Brown

Karamo Brown

Lauren Alaina

James Van Der Beek

Ray Lewis

Kate Flannery

Ally Brooke

Lamar Odom

Kel Mitchell

Sean Spicer

Christie Brinkley

Mary Wilson

Now, as I typically do with each cast announcement post, here is 8 things I personally think about this season’s cast:

  1. I actually know who this entire cast. I cannot remember the last time this happened.
  2. It’s about damn time they let a Bachelorette compete on this show. I know Trista Sutter was on the first season of the show, but that was in 2005 and feels like it was a different lifetime ago. Plus I freaking love Hannah and she apparently has somewhat of a dance background, so I’m excited to see her hit the dance floor.
  3. I absolutely adore Lamar Odom and am so excited to see him on the show. I’m already crying thinking about his most memorable year dance, should he make it to that week of the competition.
  4. Why do we have to entertain Sean Spicer anymore? WHY?
  5. Ally Brooke is gonna be a ringer — calling it now.
  6. Confession time: I’ve never seen The Office so I don’t know a ton about Kate Flannery, but I’m excited to see who she’s paired with.
  7. Lauren Alaina is hysterical, so I’m already looking forward to her rehearsal packages.
  8. Kel is a childhood favorite so I’m excited to see him hit the dance floor.

Also in a surprising twist, Dancing With The Stars host Tom Bergeron announced that they would not be revealing the partnerships until the season premiere. In fact, he said that as of this morning, most of the professional dancers don’t even know who they are paired up with. On the one hand, I think it’ll be fascinating to see how this all plays out on the live premiere. But on the other hand, I hate this. One of the things I love most about the GMA reveals is finding out the partnerships.

What do you think the new cast? Let me know in the comments below!

Dancing with the Stars Season 28 premieres on Monday, September 16 at 8 pm EST on ABC.

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