‘Big Brother 21’ recap: Sam gets evicted after chaotic night in the house

Julie Chen Moonves opened Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother with an unscripted intro, letting viewers know that the house was in chaos. “We don’t what’s going to happen tonight,” she said.

The most chaotic night of the season saw truck driver Sam Smith become the fifth houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother house on a unanimous 9-0 vote. The result was surprising given that during the live show, the houseguests were still arguing about everything from lies to alliances and even a possible vote flip.

Following his eviction, Sam spoke to Julie about his time in the house. She informed him that he was set to stay as of Thursday afternoon but ended up getting evicted instead.

“I don’t know what happened,” he said. “I guess Kat cried than me. Maybe if I turned on the water works I would still be in there.”

When asked how hard it was to be away from his family, Sam said: “It was super difficult. I miss them so bad and I hope I go back to the way I remember.”

Sam said he feels that Jack is going to win the entire show with Christie unless someone takes a shot at him. Although he said he is rooting for Nick or Nicole to win the show.

It was then time to find a new Head of Household (HOH). This week, the houseguests had to study and memorize different photos before answering questions about them.

Before Julie signed off, she let everyone know that the pre-eviction drama, the fallout, and the results of the HoH competition will all be revealed in Sunday’s episode. She also announced a new twist called “America’s Field Trip” that will see America vote for three houseguests to take part in a new competition. The winner gets safety for the week and the last place finisher gets automatically nominated for eviction.

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Big Brother continues on Sunday night at 8/7c on CBS.

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