‘Big Brother 21’ recap: Analyse Talavera evicted and sent to jury

On Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother, college athlete Analyse Talavera became the latest houseguest to be evicted from the house and join the Season 21 jury.

With Analyse and Christie both on the chopping block, something big needed to happen in order to help Christie stay in the house. This is where Nick comes in; he eavesdrops on Christie’s conversation about him and decides to call her out. Taco Tuesday then takes an ugly turn as Christie confronts Nick in front of the whole house, accusing him of playing both sides and lying to everyone that’s on their side. 

Host Julie Chen Moonves then got the live vote and subsequent eviction started. Those who don’t watch the live feeds may have been surprised by Analyse being evicted with a 5-1 live vote, but live feed-watchers were not.

Following her eviction, Analyse sat down with Julie for an interview. She admitted that despite getting evicted, she has no regrets with how she played the game.

“I don’t regret anything,” she said when asked about turning her back on the Six Shooters alliance. “Even if we weren’t all together, I always had Michie and Holly’s back. That’s why I felt so betrayed.”

Julie then asked Analyse about her relationship with Jack Matthews and if it would continue outside of the house. However, Analyse took a long pause and followed up with a rather surprising answer.

“I don’t how long it will continue,” she said. “I’m still young, I’m 22 and he’s 29. I’m still a baby and don’t want to be tied down right now.”

Before the Head of Household (HOH) competition, Julie let viewers in on the next big twist. It’s called “BB Prank Week” and will see Big Brother trick the houseguests over the course of the week.

“Prank Week” kicked off with Thursday’s HOH comp as the houseguests thought it would be about bird call audio tour that played throughout the house over the course of the previous 24 hours. But that was a lie! The competition was really just a crapshoot ball rolling challenge. Holly kicked off the HOH competition by rolling a perfect score of 50. No other houseguest could match it, which makes Holly the HOH for the second time this season.

However, thanks to “Prank Week”, there’s a twist to Holly’s HOH. America will vote for one houseguest to become “America’s Prankster”, who gets to steal half of Holly’s power by nominating one houseguest for eviction.

What did you think of the eviction and the twist? Let me know in the comments below!

Big Brother continues Sunday night at 8/7c on CBS.

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