‘America’s Got Talent’ recap: Which acts impressed in the first live show of the season?

America’s Got Talent went live for the very first time this season on Tuesday night as 12 acts took to the stage at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, hoping to impress the viewers at home enough to vote them into the next round of the competition.

In case you missed it, here is recap of all 12 acts’ performances and my predictions on who will make it though.


The first act of the night was Canadian tween girl group GFORCE. They took the stage and performed their original song “Its GFORCE” for the judges and audience. While the performance got a standing ovation, I don’t see what was so special about it.

“I have been a fan since the first audition,” judge Gabrielle Union said. “You showed what girl power is all about.”

To me, the performance felt too sweet like bubble gum and felt like it belonged on Disney Channel rather than AGT. I feel like they’re going to struggle to get votes.

Greg Morton

Comedian Greg Morton took everyone to the movies as he delivered some of his impressions on Tuesday. From The Donkey on Shrek to The Godfather, he nailed every single one that he attempted. He truly had the audience’s attention for three minutes and to do that solo on that stage speaks volumes to his talents.

“Not only did you own the stage, you controlled the stage,” show producer and judge Simon Cowell said. “This is a step up from your previous auditions. I hope the audience shows you the money.”

In my opinion, he should be a lock for the semifinals in a few weeks. My only worry is he may do impressions that some of the audience may not get only because they may have not seen the movies.

Carmen Carter

The 61-year-old singer was third to perform and hoped her rendition of Imagine Dragons’ “Believer” was enough to get her into the next round. She sang the song well but may have hurt herself with the song choice.

“The only question I have is only seven people will go through,” Howie Mandel said. “You are one of the best singers, but I don’t think that was the best song choice.”

I actually agree with Howie here. I’m not sure what Carmen was thinking here but this not the right song for her. It was an awful song choice and might be the reason she could go home.

The Emerald Belles

The dance group from Texas was fourth to perform and brought their energetic high kick routine to the live shows. They really stepped up their game in a big way and finally earned Howie’s respect after not being a fan of their previous performances.

“I have been tough on you guys ,” he admitted. “Tonight, with your talent and our production, you just made it really tough. That was spectacular.”

This is where I disagree with Howie. I felt while they did step it up, their routine was pretty much the exact same from past performances. I feel they’ll be in the bottom three later this evening.

Sophie Pecora

Brad Paisley’s Golden Buzzer choice Sophie Pecora came up next. She performed an original song titled “Happy in LA”, taking Simon’s advice about changing things up this time around. As the song ended, the judges and audience gave her a standing ovation and gave her positive feedback.

“I don’t know what to say,” judge Julianne Hough told her. “Two things. That video package with the lyrics already brought me to tears. You are speaking 9-year-old or a 60-year-old, you speak truth.”

Once again, I must disagree with the judges here. I don’t understand the love for Sophie at all. In my opinion, her voice is not that strong and she was actually pitchy throughout her performance. Overall, it was very boring and dull. With all that said, I feel she still has a solid chance of getting through.

Messoudi Brothers

The brother trio was next up with a truly shocking hand balancing act. To make things worse, they had suffered an injury prior to the live shows while practicing. So balancing on a platform high in the air and blindfolded was really risky for them. But they pulled it off. Crazy!

“Strength, danger and sexy, good job guys,” Gabrielle told them.

I’m a massive danger act fan and while this was not truly a danger act, it still impressed me! I’d be shocked if they were in any danger tonight.

Voices of Service

One of my favorite acts of the season was next to perform. The military foursome sang a beautiful rendition of Gavin DeGraw‘s “Fire.” Not only did they perform it beautifully, but they gave hope and inspiration to millions in the process.

“I could sum it up with one word, which is inspirational – I have always felt that about you,” Simon commented. “I believe the public will vote you through. You could come up with a song that will stop traffic.”

I’d agree with Simon here. I believe this group is a lock for the next round and possibly the finals.

Ansley Burns

Now you might be asking yourself, “didn’t Ansley go home during judge cuts?” and yes, she did. However, due to the power of Twitter, she was brought back by Simon as a wildcard. She finally sang country – which I had wanted her to do a few weeks ago – but as expected, the backing track drowned out her vocals.

“Never stop believing,” Julianne said. “All of those moments will create the artist you will become.”

Ansley was sent home for a reason and Simon stopped her twice for a reason. She’s not a strong enough singer and that is the reason she’ll be in trouble during the results show.

Alex Dowis

The light artist impressed everyone during the judge cuts rounds and I was excited to see what he was going to do next. He lit up the stage, literally, as he painted an inspirational story about the evolution of humanity.

“Your art was aspirational,” Gabrielle said. “You took us from the big bang theory to now. It was beautiful.”

An act like this takes pure talent and creativity. It was one of my favorites of the entire night for sure.

Luke Islam

Julianne’s Golden Buzzer was next and he performed his rendition of “You Will Be Found” from Dear Evan Hanson. I truly could see him on Broadway after this performance and I feel Luke will get there thanks to this show. Anyway, he sang the song well and made his favorite judge proud.

“First of all, Luke, you did not disappoint,” Julianne said. “What you did right now proved what an incredible performer you are. You are 12 years old. I am so proud you are my Golden Buzzer.”

Of all the child acts Tuesday night, Luke was my overall favorite. It would be surprising if he was in any danger of going home.

Bir Khalsa

I said a moment ago that I love danger acts, so it should come as no surprise how much I love these guys. The danger act from India had the judges and audience cringing as they used melons, ice blocks, and chain saws. You’ll need to watch the video below to get the full effect. I will say it was one of the most intense thing I’ve ever seen in any Got Talent show.

“I did not think you guys could up the danger and wow factor but you knocked it out of the park.” Gabrielle said.

Kodi Lee

Gabrielle’s Golden Buzzer choice Kodi Lee was the final act of the night. After his original audition attracted over 100 million views worldwide, this was the act everyone was waiting for. Kodi sang a simply stunning rendition of Simon and Garfunkel‘s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

Kodi’s perform left everyone on their feet, chanting his name and even had Gabrielle emotional as she and the rest of their judges praised him with feedback.

“You change the world and you keep changing the world with who you are,” a tearful Gabrielle said. “We have to stop putting limits on our children.”

Simon added: “You continually amaze me. We are nothing without people like you. You are genuinely one of the most extraordinary people on any show we have ever made.”

I have to say that in my 13 years of watching this show I’ve never seen someone like Kodi on this stage. He may be autistic and blind but he does not let that limit him. Despite his disability, he has God-given gift and I feel he is going to be the winner of this season.

Results Prediction

After rewatching all 12 performances again, it is time to make my predictions for the results. I predict Kodi Lee, Greg Morton, Bir Khalsa, Alex Dowis, Luke Islam, Messoudi Brothers, and Voices of Service will advance to the Semifinals. Will I get it right? We will soon find out.

What did you think of the first live show? Let me know in the comments below!

America’s Got Talent continues tonight at 8/7c on NBC with the results show LIVE from the Dolby Theatre.

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