‘America’s Got Talent’ recap: Which acts advanced in the final round of Judge Cuts?

The final round of judge cuts took place on Tuesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent as the final group of acts took the stage to impress the judges one last time in hopes of making it into the live shows. This week’s guest judge was legendary comedian and talk show host Jay Leno, who had the power to send someone straight through to the live shows with the Golden Buzzer.

So who made it to the live shows? Let’s jump into this recap of the night’s performances and results.

Dominguez Poodles

The show kicked off with dog act Dominguez Poodles. I was not too impressed by their first audition and was curious as to how they would step things up this time around. I got my answer quickly and was left pretty disappointed. The family act basically performed the same routine as their first audition, with maybe one or two additional tricks. It was pretty obvious that they would not be going through to the next round.

Ben Trigger

The Australian dancer and “performer” returned to dazzle the stage once again. He started out showing his serious side before he stripped it all off and got those tassels out, which is all judge Gabrielle Union really wanted. It was a sight to see, but not in a good way. Two acts in and we’re not off to such a great start to this final round of judge cuts.

Benicio Bryant

The 14-year-old’s audition was leaked over the weekend and after two less than ideal performances, this was the first solid one of the night. He performed an original song that had everyone on their feet and complimenting his songwriting skills. While Benicio’s performance was not Golden Buzzer worthy, it was good enough, in my opinion, to pass him through to the live shows.

Marina Mazepa

The contortionist took the stage and put together one body bending and unique performanc; she twisted her body on a pole and even went to the judges desk to ‘scare’ the judges and audience. While it was a different performance, I fail to see where the act can go from here. I personally did not feel it earned her a place in the live shows.

Callie Day

The gospel singer was the first act I could truly see in the live shows. Her soulful voice really made you stop what you were doing and pay attention to her performance. She proved that age is nothing but a number as she sang “Up To The Mountain” with flare.

Charlotte Summers

The 13-year-old singer from Spain came back in this round and blew the roof off Universal Studios with her POWERFUL rendition of “You Don’t Own Me”. She was so much better in this round compared to her audition and in my opinion proved she was worthy of the live shows.

Emanne Beasha

Ever since her first audition, Emanne has reminded me of Jackie Evancho and only continued to do so with her performance on Tuesday night. The 10-year-old opera singer performed a beautiful rendition of “Caruso” and while it was pitchy in a few places, she really brought it home.

Leno was so impressed that he gave her the final Golden Buzzer of the season, sending her straight into the live shows. Prior to hitting it, he complimented her voice and said it was a performance he would always remember.

“I feel like I’m a witness to something extremely special,” he said. “At some point in my career people will ask what I remember most and I’ll them its hitting the Golden Buzzer for you.”

Eric Chien

The magician from Houston had me doing my best Mel B impression as I found myself yelling “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?” at my TV. Chien used coins instead of cards for his trick and had Leno help him out. It was truly a unique trick that can’t be described with words. Watch the video below to see what I mean. Ahh, why couldn’t have Jay saved that Golden Buzzer just one more act?

The Voices of Service

For their judge cuts performance, The Voices of Service sang a beautiful rendition of “See You Again”. The military members dedicated their performance to those who lost their lives in battle and it was truly emotional and inspiring, leaving the audience in tears. By the end of their performance, I was truly rooting for them to be headed to the live shows.

Jackie Fabulous

The final act of the night was ex-lawyer turned comedian Jackie Fabulous. It was the first time she brought her mother to one of her shows and what a perfect time to do so. She performed a hilarious set about shopping in LA and dating men. It was easily the best set she’s done and I felt that it would be an easy decision for the judges to put her through. Leno was so impressed that he gave her a standing ovation.

The Results

After all the acts performed, the judges deliberated on who should advance. They decided that Voices of Service, Eric Chien, Marina Mazepa, Charlotte Summers, Jackie Fabulous, and Benicio Bryant would join Jay Leno’s Golden Buzzer choice Emanne Beasha in the live shows next week.

What did you make of the final round? Did you agree with the judges decision? Let me know in the comments below!

America’s Got Talent continues next Tuesday and Wednesday LIVE from the Dolby Theatre with host Terry Crews at 8/7c on NBC.

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