3 Things You Need To Know About ‘Élite’ Season 2

If you’re like me, then you’ve been waiting a long 11 months for Élite season 2 to come out. Well the wait is finally almost over as the show’s second season drops on Netflix in just under two weeks on September 6. 

Netflix just dropped the official trailer last week and some of the things we saw include: Samuel vowing to find a way to prove Nano’s innocence and him promising to do so “whatever the cost”; Carla and Polo, just a smug as ever, trying to keep a low profile and not blow their cover regarding what went down in the season 1 finale; Guzmán lashing out in the wake of his sister; Omar and Ander getting just as steamy as ever; and Nadia letting her hair down (literally). 

However, that’s just scratching the surface on what looks to be a promising sophomore season. I’ve gotten to see the first two episodes, which were made available to press for early review, and I want to make sure you are adequately prepared for what’s to come based solely on what I’ve seen. So with that being said, here are 3 things you need to know about Élite season 2:

There’s Still a Mystery To Be Solved

A huge part of Élite’s first season was solving the mystery of who killed Marina. But heading into season 2, it was unclear if the show would still have a mystery element to it or if this new batch of episodes would solely focus on the aftermath of Marina’s death. While it does focus heavily on the aftermath of Marina’s death and how it has affected our favorite Las Encinas students, it also introduces a new mystery that is just as juicy and captivating from the two episodes I’ve gotten to see.

Three New Students at Las Encinas Are Here To Shake Things Up

Without giving too much of their backstories away, we get to meet three new Las Encinas students this season: Cayetana (Georgina Amorós), Valerio (Jorge Lopez) and Rebeca (Claudia Salas). Cayetana is an Instagram influencer that Lu immediately feels intimidated by; Valerio is Lu’s younger half-brother that she’s extremely protective over; and Rebeca is a rich girl that just moved into Guzmán’s house who’s not necessarily phased by social status. Although Rebeca is hands down my favorite from the little bit I’ve seen, I have no doubt that all three of them are going to shake things up in season 2. 

Season 2 is Much Darker Than Season 1

Season 1 was edgy but not necessarily dark. Season 2, however, is exactly that. Not only does the aftermath of the season 1 finale affect everyone, but so does a few key events from the first episode of season 2. All of it combined sends a few key characters into a downward spiral and results in them struggling to get out of their own way. Sex, lies and drugs have taken on a whole new meaning as they become more about survival this season and less about a fun, rebellious way of living life. 

Élite Season 2 premieres September 6 on Netflix.

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