‘Scream: Resurrection’ premiere recap: Ghostface returns with a bloody bang

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from the two-hour series premiere of Scream: Resurrection. Do not read if you have not seen the episodes or read ahead at your own risk.

After a little over two years, Scream returned to television on Monday night on a new network with a brand new cast. Gone are the days of Emma Duval and the Brandon James mystery, and in its place is a new crop of characters and a new mystery.

The six-episode third season centers around Deion Elliot, a football player whose twin brother Marcus was killed on Halloween night eight years prior. In fact, the very first scene of the series premiere showed us the exact moment Marcus was killed.

Other characters include Kym, an activist who is always protesting for what’s right; Manny, Kym’s gay best friend; Liv, the new girl with possible “final girl potential”; Amir, a dude who runs his parents doughnut shop; and Beth, the horror movie loving goth.

Deion is in high school, enjoying life as the star athlete with a college scholarship in sight. This changes midway through the first hour when someone leaves some candy bars in Deion’s locker, the same candy from that Halloween night eight years ago.

Ghostface calls Deion and sends him to a rave with a Ghostface theme because that’s not creepy at all, right? There, Ghostface claims his first victim: Avery, a real racist asshole who apparently is not used to girls rejecting him. I’m sure viewers were supposed to feel bad about his death but I was glad to see him go.

After Avery’s gruesome death, horror movie expert Beth explains that they are all trapped and what is going on. She’s basically the Noah of the series.

“We’re being hunted by a killer here,” she says. “Killers have codes, and horror has rules. “Goth? Geek? Gay? Not a chance. We’re usually the first ones that drop.”

The second hour kicks off with Kym going to her place to do some ‘research’ on horror flicks by watching Friday The 13th. That’s when she gets a call from Ghostface, who tries to kill her but is not successful and ends up killing some drug dealer instead. Kym believes she knows who the killer is and gets the group (minus Deion) to agree to trap him.

So they do just that. They lure a creepy dude named Shane to the school, trap him, gas him and tie him up. Yeah, real smart everyone. Shane explains that he had nothing to do with Avery’s death. At that same moment, Ghostface comes on the speaker saying he’s going to kill someone. He slashes Kym’s arm but nothing much comes of it.

Shane had the chance to shoot Ghostface but chickens out, letting him get away. At this point, I’m thinking Shane is working with the killer because he couldn’t be that much of a coward, right? Wrong! He actually is a coward and my theory is proven wrong. As the second episode ends, Shane is killed after getting injected with drugs through his eye. Talk about gross.

Killer Theories

So who is the killer? Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to find out as the season ends on Wednesday night. But here is who on my radar after the first two episodes.

Manny: The killer’s message over the speakers at the school was pre-recorded. Manny mentioned to Kym that the master keys to unlock the doors were in the office, which is where Ghostface was waiting for her. When the killer began chasing her throughout the school, Manny was absent. I do wonder if him having asthma is just an excuse to throw others off his scent..

Amir: Something about him just doesn’t seem right. The fact that he was at school before Deion prior to the party is just weird. Also, at the party, Deion tells him to go home but he re-appears after Avery is murdered, saying he turned around to come back. Very weird.

Jamal: Fans were briefly introduced to Jamal, Deion’s stepbrother. The motive here could be jealousy. He’ll never be as close to Deion as Marcus was and since Deion is the big football star, and Jamal wants what Deion has. It is a bit of a stretch, but until some of the main cast gets killed off, this is what we’ve got to go off of.

Episode Notes:

  • KeKe Palmer is hilarious in the series. Her line about Ghostface getting no time in prison for the murders because “his face is white” had me laughing.
  • The teacher in detention is an asshole. His “I won’t say your names because they’re all hard to say” comment could be taken so many ways.
  • Despite being the same show, this version so much better than the MTV version. The cast is better, the killings are more gruesome, and everything just clicks. Hopefully, VH1 will keep it going.
  • Beth is SO much better than Noah as the horror nerd. She isn’t dropping horror flick names every five seconds. Plus, she’s pretty hot.

What did you think of the premiere? And who do you think is the killer? Let me know in the comments below!

Scream: Resurrection continues Tuesday night at 9/8c on VH1.

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