Michael Yi dumped from ‘Love Island USA’ villa after first recoupling

After less than a week of getting to know each other in the Love Island USA villa, it was time for the first recoupling of the season and it would be the ladies making the tough decisions.

The first week of the reality dating show saw 10 singles, known as islanders, come to the villa in search of love. Along the way, they were faced with challenges, new faces, and lots of drama.

Friday night saw the six ladies decide if they wanted to stay in the couple they were in or swap partners. While the group was talking about how their dates went, they got a text from host Arielle Vandenberg which said: “#getpickedorgetpacking.” With only six girls and seven islanders to choose from, one male would be dumped.

One by one, the ladies stood up and made their choices. The final decision came from Caro, who eventually chose Cormac after a long and tough debate. This meant that Michael was left alone and became the first to be dumped from the villa.

After the first recoupling, here is where the couples now stand:

Kyra and Cashel

Elizabeth and Zac

Alana and Yamen

Mallory and Weston

Alexandra and Dylan

Caro and Cormac

Episode Notes:

  • Before the recoupling, everyone was talking about their dates. Caro revealed she was “not into it” with the guy she went on a date with. Yeesh, I think all guys watching felt that pain.
  • Zac was concerned about Cormac going out with Elizabeth. Not because he’s worried about his buddy but because Zac is secretly crushing on Elizabeth himself! Do I sense some drama coming?
  • Its only one week in, but so far Love Island UK is miles better than the US version. There’s much more drama, jealousy, and shocking twists. Let’s hope Love Island USA will have a better second week.

What did you think of the first recoupling? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Island USA airs weeknights at 8/7c on CBS.

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