Exclusive: Spencer Crandall “Before I Do” Behind the Scenes Video Premiere

Spencer Crandall is premiering the behind the scenes video of “Before I Do” – the lead track off his album More – exclusively on Talk Nerdy With Us. 

As he explains in the above video, “Before I Do” was inspired by a real life experience where he wanted to go up and talk to a girl, but didn’t quite have the confidence to say what he wanted to her. “It’s this beautiful mix of a little cocky, in a good way, mixed with confident,” he says in the video. “It’s not arrogance; it’s just I think what every girl wants which is a guy saying, ‘Hey, you deserve to have a great time. I want to have a great time. Let’s do this.’”

Crandall told Talk Nerdy With Us exclusively that his favorite part of recording was the melodies. “‘Before I Do’ has a genuine swagger to it that makes it fun to sing/listen to,” he said.

As previously mentioned, “Before I Do” is the lead track off his most recent album, More. Crandall said that he chose to put it on the album because he thinks it’s the perfect uptempo concert song. “It’s fun, sexy and has all the lyrical and melodic makings of a windows down, summer song,” he said.

As for what he hopes people takes away from the song, he said, “I hope the confidence in the song reminds people to shoot their shot! Go for it and let people know how you feel!”

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