‘Big Brother 21’ recap: Jack takes control… or so he thinks

The Big Brother game is in full swing as paranoia swept through the entire house during Tuesday night’s episode.

In case you missed it, here is what went down.

Cracks in Gr8ful

Tuesday’s show kicks off following Christie nominating Cliff and Kathryn. She says who is “meant to go home” will go because the universe decided. Riiiight. Basically, she is going to do whatever Jackson wants her to do.

The (food) fight for Veto!

The first Power of Veto was played on Tuesday and it was a big ole’ mess – literally. Season 20 winner and reigning champ Kaycee Clark returned to host the competition, which saw the houseguests catching “food” items. The houseguest who has the most points at the end of the game wins.

Sam, Jack, Nicole, Christie, Kathryn, and Cliff all took part. This competition took much longer than it needed to, so I’m just going straight to the score. Nicole, Kathryn, and Cliff all went scoreless. Jack finished with 20 and Sam had 21, making him the winner.

Jack’s power trip

Following Sam’s veto win, the paranoia began to set in. Sam wants to use the veto to take down Cliff because he feels Cliff has been through enough in a short amount of time. Meanwhile, Jack is making plans on who should be evicted over the next few weeks. This does not sit well with Christie.

She goes into full breakdown mode in the Diary Room. Later, she tells Sam about the plan do backdoor Kemi, which he is “surprised” about. Christie goes on to say she does not want this to become “the Jack show”; Nick asks if they have the votes to send him home but she says no.

At the veto meeting, Sam takes Cliff off the block and Christie nominates Ovi in his place.

Episode Notes

  • Tuesday’s episode saw no proper intro and more weird outro music. I’m trying to get on board with it, but in my opinion it just does not fit the show.
  • The fourth episode also saw some weird editing. First off, Sam seemed “shocked” to learn about the plan to backdoor Kemi; but in reality, he knew the entire time. Second, Jack planned for Ovi to be the replacement nominee all along, but the show made it look like he was put up for knocking on the HoH door.
  • There is a new twist coming in tomorrow’s episode that has something to do with the eviction, so that will definitely be something to keep an eye on.

Who do you want to be evicted from the Big Brother house? Ovi or Kathryn? Let me know in the comments below!

Big Brother continues on Wednesday night with the first live eviction of the season at 9/8c on CBS.

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