‘The Flash’ 5×20 recap: Nora goes bad and Cicada II’s plan is revealed

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Flash Season 5 episode 20 titled “Going Rogue”. Please do not read on if you have not seen the episode or read ahead at your own risk.

With the season winding down, The Flash needs to solve their Cicada problem by any means necessary and even if that means going bad.

Considering last week’s episode ended with Nora returning to 2019 somewhat evil, we all knew Tuesday’s episode was going to be a good one. The episode sees Nora team up with RagDoll, Queen Bee, and Weather Witch to steal some big time tech.

Nora and stealing just don’t go together, no matter how hard the writers worked to make her ‘bad’; it honestly did not work for me. Anyway, Nora showed up at the S.T.A.R. Labs archive room and was caught by Barry. Nora’s rage began to act up as her face started to vibrate and eyes began to glow red, zapping Barry before speeding off.

The rest of the Nora’s crew kidnaps Cisco and Sherloque Wells because Nora needs Cisco to hack into Weather Witch’s phone. He objects at the first, but Nora threatens to kill him, so he plays along. Once they get what they want, the baddies hypnotized the boys with some meta tech bees but what they did not know was Cisco had rigged the phone to glitch.

Meanwhile, Barry and Iris got into another mini argument. This time, Iris felt Barry was trying to paint Nora as this super villain without seeing where she’s coming from. They go back and forth with Iris saying Thawne cares about Nora and is just worried about her, while Barry arguing that Thawne is using Nora because he needs her.

The baddies arrive at the weapons manufacturer dressed as military and zap the security. Rag Doll climbs out of Nora’s briefcase and into a steam pipe to allow him to unlock the vault. They found the weapons but Weather Witch and Queen Bee had other plans. Instead, they turned on Nora, holding her and everyone else hostage unless The Flash showed up and revealed his identity to the city.

Sherloque failed to fool the baddies as Hologram Flash again; seriously that trick is getting so old now. But none of that mattered as Barry, Iris, and Joe were already there, using facial transformation tech to pose as the weapon bosses. A fight breaks out, as you’d expect, with Iris and Joe knocking out Rag Doll. Barry got in the way of a hit expected for Nora that sends him flying. That’s when Nora became good again and helped her father round up all the baddies.

Nora finally spoke to Iris and Barry, telling them she was not stealing the tech to kill Cicada II. Instead, she wanted to get it to destroy the dagger. She said she knew Barry would never be okay with Thawne’s plan, which is why she did not tell him about it in the first place. Nora then offered to never speak to Thawne again, but Barry decides to believe his daughter.

Episode Notes:

  • The other plot of this episode involved Ralph and Caitlin going to the Tannhauser’s lab. They had a hilarious moment when Caitlin was encouraging Ralph that he will find love, only for him to say he doesn’t see her that way. Danielle Panabaker’s “eww gross!” was the best line of the episode.
  • Caitlin and Ralph discover that Cisco’s bad batch of meta human cure has gone missing. Caitlin figures out Cicada II is planning to kill every single meta human in the city.
  • And right on cue, the episode ends with Cicada II back at her cabin, creepily singing a song as she prepares the weapon as she hallucinates her dead uncle Orlin looking on in approval.

What did you make of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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