Beyond the Shadows: An Exclusive Interview With Shadowhunters’ Jade Hassouné

Jade Hassouné is easily one of the nicest human beings on the planet, and we had the pleasure of speaking to him ahead of the 2.5 hour Shadowhunters finale this Monday. He’s been a part of the show since season one and whilst his involvement in season 3 hasn’t been huge, he returns for the final episodes of Shadowhunters and we couldn’t be happier. We talked about the show, his music, his incredible connection to his fans and more! Enjoy his wisdom, angels!

Hi Jade! Thank you so much for talking to us. How have you been doing?
Hello! You guys were one of my first interviews EVER. I’m so glad to be speaking with you again. I’ve been in an amazing roller-coaster of life and art and fun and growing. 

How has it been seeing the final episodes of Shadowhunters air? We know you went to a special screening of the first episode in Toronto, how was watching the show with the wonderful fans of the show?
It is always such a pleasure and a heart-warming experience to hang out with the fans because I understand how much love there is with them and their presence. Watching the episodes is so fun especially since a lot of things I’ve been waiting for that were my favourite parts of the books are happening now! 

Meliorn has briefly appeared in the second half of season three, and we’re hoping to see more of him in the future episodes! Is there anything you can tease about his involvement in the unravelling storyline? 
Meliorn has a big part in the 2.5 hour finale! He reunites with some of our favourite frenemies and they have an epic time together. Also FINALLY my favourite part of the books is about to happen!

Has Meliorn taught you anything? Whether it be about yourself, the essence of loyalty or the wonders of Daylighter singing? 
[laughs] He has taught me that you can follow your own path even if it seems like you are locked in. That friendships matter. That bonds matter. And that you can change your mind about certain people. The Shadowhunters story has allowed so many people to connect, through being able to love whoever without consequence and friendship.

You are undoubtedly one of the loveliest and most active when interacting with fans. Not only have you given them a space to be themselves and interact, but also an inspiration. Is that something you think you’ll take away from Shadowhunters as a project? The connections and teachings of the show but also those you’ve been able to make?
This is everything that I’ve been working on in the past eight months. My music is an excuse to solidify and enhance that bond I have with the fans. I am about to launch my Patreon page where this connection will go even beyond social media and become even more intimate and grow into a community to promote our own work and create events and of course, sing some songs, make some art and have monthly meet-and-greets online and in person as well as concerts. 

Not only have you been a preacher for social connections but for personal connection too. Through the practice of meditation, mindfulness, and being in touch with your spirituality, what do you think it brings you in your life? What do you think it could bring others?
What it brings is that it allows us to operate from our broader selves. A more loving, connected, powerful, open self. We all have way more energy and love and powers than we think, we just have to align with our inner-selves and they hang out in a very high frequency of love and joy and light-hearted fun-ness dimension that we are connected to always. 

We’re so excited for J4DE and your venture into music – especially your new EP, Love Letter To A Fandom. How has the process of making the music been?
It has been SO FUN and if I could do this for the rest of my life I would. I have been working with my best friend of 10 years DLN and him and I have wanted this since we could remember. I am so happy the fans are on board and all I want is to be able to travel the world and continue to meet them but also sing some songs and dance and celebrate life and art. 

From the title alone, it seems like this is a big part of your heart going out to those who support you. What do you hope they ultimately take from your music? 
That you can be who you are and that is the point of life. That what we have built can only become bigger from here. That life is meant to be fun. That I also feel sad sometimes, even when it seems like I have got it going. That my heart breaks too but that we have each other to uplift each other. That there is always a way out of a bad situation. That you are an epic being and that whatever you dream can become reality and that you are supported. And come with me on this journey and we will have fun!!! Be good to yourselves. 

Thank you so much for talking to us, Jade!
Thanks soooooo much for this! People can check my website if they want more info.

Make sure you tune in on Monday, May 6th for the epic Shadowhunters‘ 2.5 hour finale, which Jade is a part of! And make sure you follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Photo Credit: Mike Pont

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