‘The Flash’ 5×19 recap: Keeping it all in the family

The Flash was all about family in Tuesday night’s episode as Barry dealt with the fallout from sending Nora back to the future and Caitlin had one heck of a family reunion.

There’s spoilers included throughout this recap, so you know the rules. Don’t read if you don’t want any juicy details from this action packed episode.

The West-Allens

Considering that the last episode ended with the bombshell that Barry dropped Nora off in the future, we’ve got to start with the aftermath of this.

Tuesday’s episode kicks off with Barry and Iris having a massive fight with the latter rightfully pissed about her husband sending their daughter back to the future. One of the most hilarious parts of this argument was Iris saying, “You took our daughter home to the future?” Only on this show would you get that kind of statement

Anyway, this scene was one of the best in season five due to the emotion that Grant Gustin and Candice Patton portrayed throughout. Patton clearly conveyed pain, anger, and how hurt Iris felt by Barry’s actions. The moment Iris said she didn’t care that Nora was working with Thawne, the pain on Barry’s face said it all. What a job by the production team to get close-ups of Gustin and Patton’s faces; it really gave the audience a sense of how they were truly feeling.

Iris decides to get some space from Barry and went as far as writing a letter that seemed like she was on the verge of asking for a divorce. That’s when Ralph and Cecile step in and advise her that she and Barry need to solve this problem together. But Iris being Iris doesn’t do that. Instead, she time travels to the future to find Nora.

Speaking of Nora, she is in 2049 and is desperate to get back to 2019. She realizes that Thawne was able to run back into the future undetected and asks him about it. Thawne tells her that it’s not meant for her but she pleads, so he agrees. He tells her all about the “negative force”, which is fueled by anger and rage. At first, it doesn’t work but when Iris shows up, Nora lets it all out. She lashes out at Barry and Iris for leaving her and runs into the negative speed force, seeing all of her worst moments.

Iris returns to the present time and tells Barry everything, including that she believes that Thawne may actually care about Nora. Really Iris? He does? More on that in the episode notes.

As the episode ends, Nora finally makes it back to 2019. However, she is not the same Nora that left 2049. Instead, she’s evil and now has glowing red eyes and red lightning. This is where shit is going to hit the fan for Barry and Iris as they try to save their daughter. What exactly did Thawne just do?

The Tannhauser-Snows

As action-packed as Barry and his family’s storyline was, it was not the main plot of his episode. No, that belonged to Caitlin and her family. Icicle, aka the alternate personality of Caitlin’s father, steals some tech and kidnaps both Caitlin and her mother Carla in the process.

While Caitlin and her mother argue nonstop, Icicle has other plans. He wants to build his own evil ice-meta family. He puts Carla in this chamber and begins to alter her, giving her meta powers. Thankfully, Caitlin/Killer Frost got to her in time to stop Icicle; Barry shows up later to help out, saving Carla.

Killer Frost goes after Icicle in a pretty badass action sequence and Icicle snaps his daughter with an ice pick, nearly killing her until the real Thomas Snow regains control and banishes his evil half for good. Thomas apologizes to Carla and Caitlin for his actions and it looked like we were headed for a happy ending. But this is The Flash we’re talking about! Cicada 2.0 turns up and was about to kill Caitlin until Thomas steps front of a dagger, killing him a second time.

Episode Notes:

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The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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