Exclusive Interview with Actresses London and Sedona Fuller

London Fuller

London and Sedona Fuller are only 7 years old but have already had quite the careers. They both started acting at 4 months old when they booked an ADT Security commercial. Their most memorable role to date has been as Janice and Betty, Dylan’s rambunctious stepdaughters, on Modern Family. London can be seen in the upcoming, highly anticipated Captain Marvel, where she will be playing young Carol Danvers. In terms of shared projects, they just wrapped the Untitled Roger Ailes project where they played Megyn Kelly’s daughter.

I got to talk to these talented young ladies about what got them interested in acting, their experience on Modern Family, whether London got to meet Brie Larson on the set of Captain Marvel and so much more! Keep reading to see what they had to say.

What got you guys interested in acting?

We started very young — at 4 months. But we love work and feel so lucky to see ourselves on tv and films. It’s something we’ve just always enjoyed!

I know your characters Janice and Betty were recently back in another episode of Modern Family. What’s it like working with everyone on that set?

Ty Burrell and Reid Ewing, [who plays] our stepdad Dylan [Haley’s baby daddy], are so, super funny. Actually, the whole cast and crew are very nice.

Modern Family was the first time you guys weren’t playing the same character and were able to work together. How much fun did you guys have finally getting to share scenes together?

Our favorite part is that we always had to share roles before and [with this project] we finally, finally got to be two different characters. It’s been such a fun opportunity. It was so cool. We felt like a real team, and it was nice not to share!

London, people can see you in the upcoming Marvel film Captain Marvel as young Carol Danvers. What was it like getting to be part of such a big blockbuster movie?

I wasn’t nervous, at first, because it was such a top-secret project, and they didn’t even tell us what we were auditioning for. But it was awesome– not only being the first female Marvel superhero — but to know she has the most superpowers of all the Marvel characters. The directors made it a lot of fun!

Did you get to spend any time with Brie Larson? If so, what was that like and what did you learn from her?

No, we shot on different days, but I have watched a lot of her acting in other movies. How could you be any luckier playing the young version of an Academy-Award winning actor! I hope to see her at the premiere and get a selfie!

Aside from Captain Marvel, what other projects do guys have coming up? 

We just finished shooting the Untitled Roger Ailes project. We so want to know the name! We both played Megyn Kelly’s (Charlize Theron) daughter, telling the story of how women were treated by some people at Fox News. We also felt so proud to work with the film’s director, Jay Roach. Everyone was so nice.

Sedona Fuller

Do you guys have any dream roles you’d like to be cast in?

Sedona: That’s a very hard question, but I think I would like to be in a biographical film, playing someone real who did something really special in her life.

London: I really want to play the older Captain Marvel superhero [that Brie Larson plays] — I want to be her!

Let’s end this with a few fun questions. What do you guys like to do for fun when you’re not acting?

Riding horses, dressing up our puppy in fancy tutus and for sure driving our older brothers crazy!

If you guys could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

Well, we think every girl is super even if they don’t have superpowers. But if we had to pick, we both would want to be shapeshifters!

Our website is called Talk Nerdy With Us. What is something you guys nerd out about?

First of all, we love nerds because we are nerds! Sedona likes to pretend to be a puppy dog and let London take her for walks in the backyard. We also are HUGE fans of The Brady Bunch and “Kitty Karry-All Is Missing” is our favorite episode. We also like Chopped Junior, our American Girl dolls, Uno, and Junie B. Jones books!

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Photo Credit: Don Diaz

Makeup and Hair: Renee Loiz

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