Manifest Season Finale Leaves Us With A Wild Cliffhanger

NBC’s Manifest aired its season finale Monday and I’m still picking my jaw off the floor.

The season wraps up with a cliffhanger that leaves us wanting more and needing answers. With no word of a season two renewal, all we can do is hope it will soon be announced. In the meantime, let’s delve into what just happened.

828 Flight passengers have… an expiration date?!

Say it isn’t so! Olive and Ben discover that the passengers have an expiration date: June 2nd, 2024. Though Cal actually figured it out before them, having drawn three tombstones: his dad’s, his aunt’s and his own.

But watching Olive put the pieces together to come to that conclusion was fascinating, considering the truth was right there in front of them all along! It’s scary to imagine what would happen – how’d you’d react – when you have the month, date, and year of your death revealed to you.

The MAJOR is Saanvi’s new therapist!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse – BOOM! I was relieved that Saanvi was seeking the treatment she needed, but as it turns out, this therapist is the last person she should see! Saanvi can’t escape the Major now. Everything she shares in “therapy” the Major could use to her advantage. This villainess has eyes on all of them, yet we don’t fully know what her ulterior motive is. That was a twist I did not see coming. I wonder if the doctor who recommended this therapist to Saanvi was in on the deceit. Honestly, at this point, you don’t know who to trust. This raises so many new questions. Bottom line – Saanvi isn’t safe and something tells me it’s going to get a lot worse for her.

Jared’s jealousy over Zeke and Michaela truly JUMPED out.

I seriously love Jared and how he’s willing to fight for Michaela. Yet we all know their situation is as messy as it gets. His undying love for her keeps growing, but the way he goes about things makes him look unhinged.

It’s hard enough as it is for Michaela; all she wants to do is help and be there for Zeke when he needs support. But Jared is clearly irritated by Zeke and Michaela getting closer and he refuses to accept that they are connected through their callings and everything they must deal with.

Grace is pregnant and it’s most likely not Ben’s baby.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s grown annoyed with Grace’s character this season. Though she has gotten a bit better, she’s still my least favorite on the show. The way she’s been so dismissive of what Ben and the gang have gone through – and continue to go through – makes her selfish and unpleasant to watch. She doesn’t understand the connection and bond they all have, although she became more accepting towards the end of the season. But that’s not all she’s bringing to the table. Based on timing, the baby is probably Danny’s, which will greatly complicate things between her and Ben. Now I’m left wondering how their dynamic will change going forward.

Who. Got. Shot?!

The screen goes black after Michaela rushes to her apartment to find Zeke and Jared scuffling with a gun. Jared’s overbearing protectiveness and love for Michaela has blinded him, making him view Zeke as an enemy. It looks like Michaela was the one to get shot, but it could be Jared. I assume they won’t kill Michaela, if she was indeed shot, seeing how we know Ben, Michaela, Cal, and Saanvi are meant to die in 2024. Though with a cliffhanger like that, it looks like one life will have reached its expiration date. Will it be Zeke or Jared’s? Ah, the curiosity.

This season finale cannot be the end of this show for good. It’s been an adventure of a season and there is still a lot to be answered and explored. We need a season 2!

What are your thoughts on the season finale of Manifest? Let me know in the comments below!

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