A Shadowhunters Playlist To Satisfy Your Cravings

As we go into the final few days before Shadowhunters returns to our screens, we thought we’d put together a little playlist of songs both from and inspired by the show. We, of course, made sure to include some cult classics for Shadowhunters fans. But we also wanted to include additional songs to create a playlist that would embody the tone of the show and give listeners a small ear hug both in the lead up to the show and whilst it’s airing.

It’s been carefully collated as a series of tracks accessible for everyone – which is why no songs from Alberto Rosende are featured, as the songs are only available in the US, and Shadowhunters has a global audience. We’ve also included episode clips alongside some of the songs to add even more nostalgia.

This playlist INCLUDES a range of slower, more romantic songs and songs that will make you walk like a badass as you discover what lurks beyond the shadows.

Bring Me Back To Life – Ht Bristol, Charlie Bannister, Vincent Steele, Nine One One

This song was used in a number of trailers for season one, and ever since has always reminded me of the show. It is a beat-heavy, percussion-driven song that embodies that bad-ass sensibility Shadowhunters exudes and is a fight song if I’ve ever heard one.

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

This is a powerful song about rebirth, about waking up one day and deciding to do something new and see life in a fresh way. It speaks volumes to the quintessential nature of Shadowhunters, and about Clary’s journey specifically. The heavy-beat instrumental feels like a reawakening and is empowering lyrically. It’s an absolute must listen for any Shadowhunters fans. 

Warriors – Imagine Dragons

This song would be the anthem of the Shadowhunters and Downworlders alike in the Shadow World. The ultimate war cry.

War Of Hearts – Ruelle

This is an essential song to listen to on repeat for Shadowhunters fans. I genuinely cannot imagine a more perfect song existing for this scene, and for the ‘Malec’ relationship up until this point. This song is truly the culmination of a season’s worth of tension and longing and is so perfect for Alec’s journey throughout season 1 of accepting himself and allowing himself to give in to the throes of love.

Kill The Lights – Birthday Massacre

Any fans who have been around since the series was announced may remember a little show put together by Freeform called Beyond the Shadows, which gave us insight into what was to come on the show. I remember watching it over and over in the lead up to the first episode. So, we’ve decided to include a song from that preview – it definitely still fits within the Shadowhunters vibe!

Ember – Katherine McNamara

Sung by our own fiery redhead! Katherine McNamara’s song is featured in the finale of season 2 and is a staple for any Shadowhunters playlist. This is what Katherine said about it in an interview: “I wrote ‘Ember’ just after shooting season one of Shadowhunters. It was partially inspired by the characters in the story but mostly inspired by events that happened in my life. We all have moments where we doubt and we question who we are and what we think we’re supposed to be because something or someone or some event has caused us to second guess. In spite of that, there’s always a glimmer of hope, an ember in the ashes that’s still burning and is ready to reignite at any moment. That is what ‘Ember’ is about—that moment of re-ignition.”

Monsters – Ruelle

This edgy tune began our 3-season-long love affair with the wonderful talents of Ruelle. It’s a perfect introduction to the lead characters of the show and sets the tone for not only those first batch of episodes but also future seasons.

Way Down We Go – Kaleo

This moody, soulful track is very appropriate for the deeper messages that lie beneath the Shadow World. The song can be interpreted as quite biblical, referencing the Day of Judgement when the world would run amok. It relates the tale of damnation as their sins and demons catch up to them and ultimately drag them down to hell. It is tonally perfect for the show and has an interesting depth behind the blues-like sound. 

Epoch – Oliver Spalding

This song is a personal favourite used in 3×04 “Thy Soul Instructed” for what is also one of my favourite ‘Malec’ moments. It is the soundtrack to what is possibly one of the most realistic, grounded moments between the couple as Magnus supports Alec while he struggles with the Jace situation. It is a masterpiece and not only for the scene; this song is extremely powerful lyrically and musically ebbs and flows like the tide. It creates a transcending quiet that withstands difficult periods and soothes the mind as the lyrics beautifully depict the ability two lovers have to withstand anything together.

Where’s My Love (Alternate Version) – Syml

This moment, and song, bookends a brilliant episode for Malec fans. It is lyrically masterful, which is what makes it so perfect for this scene. It lives as a beautifully dark love song about somebody the singer holds close to their heart. Backing this incredibly sweet connection, made during pillowtalk, the lyrics speak to being openly human and no longer alone.

Carry You – Ruelle, Fleurie

This song has been promised to us by one of our showrunners, and we are sure it will bring all the emotions when it does feature. It’s a great song for the show and ultimately tells the tale of rising above what troubles you and finding connections beyond that turmoil. It’s a message that ultimately echoes throughout Shadowhunters, and will undoubtedly be the ‘Shadowhunters legacy’. We all stumble. We all fall. Heavenly bodies sink to the depths of hell. We all break, we all bleed, we all fear. We all love – something or someone, and having that love can be enough.

Listen to this playlist and remember how brilliant Shadowhunters is: the lessons it has taught you, the connections you’ve made because of it. You are not alone. Music is a vessel to which we can connect – whether it be to the scene it plays beneath, to each other, or to ourselves. Enjoy it, embrace it – let it wash over you in moments of solitude or when you are off hunting shadows and need a boost.

What song featured on Shadowhunters is your favourite? Do you love it because of the song itself or because of the scene it enhances? Let me know in the comments below!

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