5 Burning Questions We Have Going Into ABC’s ‘A Million Little Things’ Season Finale

ABC’s new drama A Million Little Things will wrap its first season this Thursday, February 28. With an official season two renewal, we know the story will continue, so we definitely expect some sort of jaw-dropping cliffhanger. Because, you know, that’s what usually happens in season finales…

After watching the initial trailer for A Million Little Things, I was very intrigued as to how this show would pan out. Tackling important and sensitive topics such as suicide, mental health, and cancer is not something to be taken lightly and should, in fact, be handled with care. Especially on TV. After watching the pilot and then continuing on with more episodes, I found the pacing and plot difficult to be fully invested in, which worried me. However, I decided to push through and finish the season, because I don’t know how to stop watching something cold turkey and I did see improvement. Hopefully, with a season two renewal, AMLT will continue growing stronger.

But as we gear up for the end of season one, there are a few unanswered questions we have that are pivotal to the development of the show’s storyline and where it’ll go next. The title of this week’s finale is “Goodbye” which seems to hint that someone who has been a major part of the show could be saying “See ya” in one way or another.

Starting with that, here are 5 questions I would like to see answered in the finale:

1. Who are we saying goodbye to? 

My take: I don’t believe they will kill off a character. Maybe someone will leave the group. Or… maybe it’s Delilah saying her final goodbye to Jon after finding out the true reason behind his death. Maybe this goodbye is her allowing herself to officially let go and move on from her deceased husband.

That said, they better not kill off Maggie. Her surgery was a success and killing off a cancer survivor after she sought treatment (thanks to Gary) would be so anticlimactic. Don’t you do it, ABC!

2) Who the heck is Barbara Morgan?!

My take: Something tells me she was once married to Jon, probably during their early adulthood, and he decided to leave her behind and create a whole new life with Delilah. Barbara could be his ex-wife, and he’s been taking care of her and her son secretly this whole time. If so, there is still so much we don’t know about her.

3) Will we find out the exact reason why Jon decided to end his life?

My take: The show hasn’t given us an answer that is 100%. Some things are still missing. We’ll probably get a huge cliffhanger with half the story. I’m so curious! It’s been bugging me since the very beginning. We’ve only seen bits and pieces as to why. I don’t think they plan on dragging his story out much longer, as the writers delve deeper into the lives of the other main characters.

4) Will everyone find out Eddie is, in fact, the father of Delilah’s baby and not Jon?!

My take: I really, really hope they reveal it sooner rather than later – definitely before Delilah is ready to have the baby. Everything centered around her and Eddie’s relationship is really disappointing to watch, and I wish they didn’t have her character become pregnant through an affair.

They are both lying to EVERYONE, and once this news breaks… oh, it’s going to be messier than ever. Just as Eddie and Katherine are beginning to reconcile after signing divorce papers, the truth about the baby’s father will only break them apart again. It will crush Katherine even more. I dread that moment already. She deserves better!

5) Gary has a secret too. Will they reveal it?

My take: As much as we all love and adore Gary – the comedic relief of the group who truly has the biggest heart even if he has an interesting way of showing it – I believe there is more to him than meets the eye. He’s hiding something, and I’m sure that secret will be a game-changer, maybe even changing the way we view him. I hate to think of that.

I hope we get some of these questions answered in the finale. Do you have something you want answered as well? Let us know in comments below!

A Million Little Things airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.


  1. I disagree that Jon was marriages o Barbara, I believe Barbara’s husband who died when she was pregnant with her son, was Jon’s friend and Jon was somehow involved in his death, this is what he could no loner live with. He took care of Barbara and her son out if guilt, Barbara did not know that Jon felt guilt for her husband death, until He sent her the video before he killed himself. I think the character we will no longer see is Jon, in flash backs.

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