Speculations on Shadowhunters 3B – The Fate of Lovers

With less than a month to go before the return of Shadowhunters, we thought we’d get involved in the fandom-press working to promote the show. The spell-binding two-hour Spring finale beautifully set up future storylines and left just the right amount of cliff-hangers to keep our interests peaked, hearts aching and minds questioning. As in any hiatus with this show, the conspiracists have emerged from the woodwork and predictions run wild. Here at TalkNerdyWithUs, we don’t want to miss a single moment so we’ve made a few speculations of our own regarding the fate of relationships in the Shadow World.


The Fate of Lovers


Relationships take effort. Amongst the perpetual state of disaster in the Shadow World, love bloomed in the ashes – some couples have arguably been more successful than others. After being gifted with the infamous trailer for the second half of season three we have a few more clues on what to expect… Going into 3B, we’re intrigued and, not going to lie, quite excited to see the trials and tribulations that face our favourite pairings as they navigate the chaotic world of romance, demons, and reignited crushes.

Following the heart-breaking spring finale from 2018, there is no doubt that Magnus Bane will struggle. He, however, will not be alone. His partner, Alec, will undoubtedly support him through the beginning of the end for him; and it will be interesting to see how both individually come to terms with Magnus’ mortality and how it affects them as a couple. Going in, we expect the last 12-hours to be jam-packed with plenty of angst and worry as this couple weaves in and out of this new normal they’ve found themselves in. The trailer unveiled a dark fate for Magnus which we cannot yet attribute to the loss of his magic, the return of it, or an outside force, but the shot of Magnus’ having what looked to be a seizure with Alec leaning over him doesn’t bode well for our souls.

We are, of course, excitedly waiting to see their romance play out on our screens once again, and we hope it will be a more simplistic, ordinary dynamic between Alec and Magnus. It’s the smaller, quieter moments we long for – late-night talks in an intertwined knot, and early morning breath whilst fingers play lazily with hair. The see-you-soon hugs, and baby-where-TF-you-been kisses. The natural, everyday domesticity that goes without saying and effort – not to mention without the threat of life and death situations hanging over them like a black cloud.

The trailer has allowed us insight into some of the promised scenes we’ve been told about… the sneak peek of the training scene absolutely delivered on the promise of being “sexy,” and we’re excited to see how the flirtiness continues throughout the scene (and where the scene goes after Alec pushes Magnus into a pole and goes in for what looks to be a particularly steamy kiss).

We were also promised – and got a glimpse of – a dance scene between Magnus. We’ve seen an adorable first glance at a romantic spin and dip, so our hearts are full for now, but we’re still hoping for the “mixed combo” platter of slow and fast Todd teased – which, perhaps, is a good metaphor for Malec’s relationship as a whole.

Fingers crossed the same can be said for the two of them in 3B: we hope when it is fast, it is full of genuine joy and laughter and unity. And when it is slow, it is romantic and tender and soft.

Matthew Daddario as Alec Lightwood and Harry Shum Jr as Magnus Bane in Shadowhunters.

Another couple who will undoubtedly be put through the wringer in the upcoming episodes is Clary and Jace. They have never really had the chance to just be. Obviously, at some point, the two will be reunited as it was revealed (spoiler alert for anyone living under a rock) that Clary is, in fact, alive. It would be nice to see more sweet, mundane (not to be confused with the other mundane) moments between the pair, like the date in S3E2 – preferably without the exes and awkwardness next time around!

Although the newly-established connection with her brother is likely to complicate things slightly… That and the overwhelming amount of guilt we’re sure Jace feels for his actions as the possessed Owl – he did throw her off a building!

The trailer revealed quite quickly that the pair will be reunited, and this does not seem to be without a healthy dose of romance. We also got glimpses of an anticipated book scene where Clary and Jace are with Jonathan in a club. It seems the two guys will be at odds, however, as Clary appears to be darkly influenced by Jonathan. We’ll have to see how her wicked tendencies affect this duo, as a romantic Jace promises to love her until he dies.

Clace fans may need to survive more than a few episodes of angst with fleeting romantic moments to try and stem the drought. However, this couple does have a reputation for pulling it out of the bag when it comes to romance. We just hope Jace’s guilt doesn’t hinder his inner Shakespeare when the two are reunited. They will be taking a trip to the city of love after all…

Katherine McNamara as Clary Fairchild and Dominic Sherwood as Jace Herondale in Shadowhunters.

Now, on to everyone’s favourite lothario vampire, Simon Lewis, who has been quite the girl magnet these last three seasons. We love the budding relationship between Simon and Maia, filled with cute revision games and dates on duck ponds. Towards the end of 3A, however, tension seemed to build between the pair as Maia’s ex, Jordan, returned to the scene and stirred up a lot of bad memories and feelings for her. Ultimately, she decided for her own mental wellbeing she needed a break from the city – and both guys –  which consequently meant she was away when Simon’s family drama kicked off. It’ll be interesting to see how their relationship plays out following these series of events. Especially as Isabelle stood by Simon’s side throughout the whole ordeal.

The trailer was very revealing on the Sizzy front, essentially showing them kissing and together quite a bit. We hope the end of Maia and Simon’s relationship isn’t too messy or rushed, as all good things come to those who wait. Sizzy is something fans have eagerly anticipated and have been promised for a while. Sparks seemed to fly between them in season one, and their chemistry was palpable as time after time Izzy saved Simon following his most recent kidnapping. Fans of the pair have only been treated with the occasional scene in the last two seasons, but it’s been a breath of fresh air to see these two develop as friends first – hopefully, they’ll be able to move a little further now.

The seeds were definitely planted in the spring finale, “Erchomai.” Isabelle was there for Simon in a big way as Heidi wreaked havoc against his family and the heart-wrenching breakdown that followed. With the explicit promise of Sizzy getting together at some point in the next 12 episodes (we’ve basically seen the scene), it’ll be a fun ride for fans counting down until this moment happens and seeing how it all unravels. Here at TalkNerdyWithUs, we can’t wait to see their friendship grow into something more – hopefully with the recounting of Star Wars to help someone fall asleep… “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”

Emeraude Toubia as Isabelle Lightwood and Alberto Rosende as Simon Lewis in Shadowhunters.

Regardless of how the stars cross for our lovers, the break-downs and make-ups will only make them stronger. We’re so excited to see sparks fly once again and steady flames burn brighter – hopefully, eventually, leaving a glow that will remain far beyond The End.

Check out our article on the (too) long-awaited trailer for 3B. Stay tuned for more predictions, and check out our previous article on ‘The Perils of Guilt’, as we near the release of Shadowhunters 3B, airing on Freeform February 25th and worldwide on Netflix on February 26th. And be sure to catch out regular Shadowhunters content once the final season is underway…

What are you hoping to see between your favourite couples in 3B? Are there any new pairings you’re excited for? Luke and Maryse perhaps? Or Helen and Aline? Who’s your favourite ship? Let us know in the comments below! 


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