Is Natalie Eva Marie entering the Celebrity Big Brother house?

Is former WWE star Natalie Eva Marie getting ready to body slam her way into the Celebrity Big Brother house?

Natalie Eva Marie, known professionally as Eva Marie, is best known for her time as a professional wrestler in the WWE. However, she is no stranger to reality TV having appeared on Total Divas.

Late Wednesday night, a Twitter user posted a 10-second video of what appears to be Big Brother producers filming their pre-show video packages and asking Eva Marie to talk about what she will miss the most when she goes into the house.

“For this, we ask what you will miss the most when you enter the house,” the producer can be heard saying.

“Okay, that’s easy,” Eva replied. “Being in the house–”

And the video ends.

While this is not official confirmation she is entering the house, it certainly seems to point that direction. The full cast is reportedly heading off to be sequestered this weekend before entering the house on January 14.

CBS usually releases their cast for Big Brother a week before the show begins, so fans can expect some big news in the coming days.

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Celebrity Big Brother returns to CBS for season two on January 21 at 8/7c.

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