‘Good Trouble’ 1×03 recap: Callie and Mariana fight the power after a weekend of regrets

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the third episode of the first season of Good Trouble titled “Allies”. Please do not read if you have not seen the episode or read ahead at your own risk.

Callie and Mariana fought the power after a weekend that was filled with fun, in the moment, but regrets soon after in this week’s Good Trouble.

The episode picks up following the big bash at the Coterie, and Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) are waking up with some regrets. Mariana is thinking of all the drunk messages she left for her boss, while Callie must deal with the repercussions of not going into work Saturday night and allowing Rebecca to write a Jamal Thompson case memo. Notice I said “deal” instead of worry? That’s because Callie spent Sunday night with Gael as the two once again had sex. While the show doesn’t go into it, it was probably all night long. Just a guess. Neither sister gets fired, but as I said, there are repercussions to their actions and lack of responsibility.

Mariana heads into the Speckulate offices where Alex is acting cool with her. Okay, that’s red flag number one. Remember, Alex is an ass, so being extra nice and polite to Mariana is a big warning, yet she thinks nothing of it. That’s when the supervisor walks in and praises Alex for his idea – which is actually Mariana’s! When she calls him out, Alex denies it. Like admitting he stole it is something he’d do!

Feeling powerless, Mariana gets some advice from Davia who suggests she put in the work to impress her boss. Mariana does just that which makes Alex fuming mad since she actually finished the project ahead of schedule. She really can’t win, can she?

Meanwhile, Callie is having a much different experience. Rebecca tells the judge they all wrote the memo together, covering for her colleague, but that inspires Callie to take a much different, bolder approach. She decides to play along with what Judge Wilson wants to hear and writes memos from his point of view. However, Wilson is not stupid and quickly figures out Callie had nothing to do with the memo and orders her to write another one.

Now Callie is scared; she is worried about what Rebecca told her about being the “counter clerk” and doesn’t want Wilson to shoot down her liberal ideas. Callie is stuck and needs help, so she calls on Jamie, the brother of Brandon’s wife, Eliza.

He gives her some solid advice and tells her to write the memo. He even gives Callie advice about living with Malika; in his opinion, as long as she isn’t directly involved with the case, Callie doesn’t need to disclose that information.

We learn that Judge Wilson isn’t the bad guy he is made out to be. He wants to help young lawyers by pushing them to make sound arguments. He proves this in court as well by dismissing the motion preventing the police from destroying evidence and not dismissing the case. This means Jamal’s mother will have a chance to give her say.

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