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BTS Siren Secrets – The Magic of Mermaids

If you’re a Siren fan like me you probably wonder what it takes to pull off the mermaid magic we see on the show. We know the cast trains extensively and it’s purported that Eline Powell – aka our fave badass siren, Ryn – can hold her breath underwater for four minutes. (I can’t imagine!)

But the swim scenes also require a lot of imagination on her part mixed with hair management and flipper finesse. Then it’s all pulled together with the incredible artistry of the show’s fx artists. Here’s a behind-the-seas look at what it takes to give us those fantastical moments.

  Catch Siren Thursdays at 8/7 C on Freeform. 


Written by Terri Clark


Terri Clark is an entertainment writer, TV addict, pop culture geek and award-winning young adult author. She loves the access Twitter has given her to the people behind her favorite books & TV shows. TV isn’t just a static sport anymore. (Yes, sport! Watching as much as she does requires commitment, dedication and endurance.) She's a writer and lead editor for Talk Nerdy With Us. Please follow her at terriclarkbooks on Facebook and Twitter. You can find info on her YA books at

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