Recap + Review: Timeless “The Miracle of Christmas Part I & II”

*This piece spoils the entirety of the Timeless two-hour series finale. Do not read ahead if you have not seen the episode or read ahead at your own risk.*

There’s a Dr. Seuss quote which says: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” And while I’m still going to be forever crying that NBC idiotically decided Timeless didn’t deserve another season, I cannot stop smiling about how happy I am with the series finale.

This finale is every bit as good as promised. It’s well paced and never feels overwhelming, despite all of the content they packed in. In just under 90 minutes (excluding commercials), it manages to address the questions fans were most dying to have answered while also leaving the door open for more Timeless should some company be feeling extra generous this holiday season and decide to pick up the show for a third run. Additionally, the movie event also threw in a couple of surprises I only ever imagined in fanfiction. Even the well-crafted montages that start and end the episode got me all up in my feels. 

Without wasting any more time, let’s dive in and break down this extremely satisfying episode, shall we?

We Saved Rufus!

It’s about damn time we got Rufus back! Did anyone ever really doubt this would happen (aside from the fact we saw Rufus in promo photos)? I certainly didn’t.

While on their first mission in 1848 California, Wyatt comes to the realization that Jessica has to be taken out of the timeline in order to bring back Rufus, as she is the one who ultimately killed him in 1888. Although Wyatt seems committed to being the one to do it, it ends up being Flynn who takes her out (more on that in a minute). 

When Rufus walks in to save the team, it’s the biggest sigh of relief for both the team and viewers. 

Flynn, Flynn, Flynn

Over the course of the series, certain episodes made me hate Flynn, while others made me love him. This episode definitely was one of the latter. 

Flynn lies to the team in 1848 California, saying he wants to ride ahead to scout the mill. Instead, he heads to the lifeboat and travels back to 2-11-2012, aka the day of Wyatt and Jessica’s blowout fight. After she gets out of the car, she and Flynn get in a showdown which ends with Flynn shooting her in the stomach, killing her instantly.

Yes, Flynn is the one who murdered Jessica. It makes so much sense looking back, but I’m being honest when I say I never saw it coming.

Flynn starts experiencing the side effects of traveling to a time he’d already existed in, and, combined with the beating Jessica gave him, doesn’t make it back to the “present.” But not without writing a note for Lucy, which he oh-so-conveniently left in the journal for her to find.

“I regret the pain I caused you, Lucy,” his letter read. “And maybe by doing this, I can find a small way to make things right so you can have the future you deserve. I know with time you’ll forgive Wyatt because you love him and deep down you know he was just trying to do the right thing. I hope you get everything you want in life. I hope you can be happy. And one day, I hope you’ll get to have a family of your own. And I hope you get your sister back… Never give up trying to save the world from Rittenhouse and then maybe you can save the ones you love.”


How can someone I hate for half the series make me cry so damn hard with his words?!? That is the product of growth, my friends. Flynn truly came full circle for me at this moment and made me love him more than I ever thought possible. 

The End of Rittenhouse As We Know It

*sings* Ding dong Rittenhouse is dead! 

It only took two seasons, but the evil organization behind all of this chaos has finally been taken down — for good.

I do have a slight issue with how Rittenhouse actually came down – Benjamin Cahill suddenly decides family is still important to him and ends up helping Agent Christopher track down Emma and ultimately find the team. I don’t know what I expected, but I guess I thought it would be a little more dramatic. It’s probably the result of all of their season 3 plans being condensed down into two episodes, but I would have loved to see more of what Emma had planned for Rittenhouse. What changes would she have made to the organization, especially considering she isn’t “blood”? What specifically did she want to change in history? 

You’re also telling me Emma just willingly surrendered to Agent Christopher? And how did Emma’s death in 1950 not completely change the timeline?

Despite all that, I’m glad Rittenhouse has been taken down once and for all. It is about damn time.

Lyatt Love   Finally!

There is so much Lyatt goodness to unpack in this episode and it makes my shipper heart SO DAMN HAPPY. I really would have been okay with any outcome, as long as Lucy and Wyatt were happy. But man, I’m so happy they chose each other and are happy together. 

Let’s back up for a minute. The episode opens right where we left off with Future Lucy and Future Wyatt. They give their present-day counterparts Lucy’s journal and tell them they have to figure out how to save Rufus, together. 

For a minute, it looks like Lucy and Flynn might end up together because they kiss on a trip back to the Titanic, which, of course, makes Wyatt annoyed because he’s soooooo in love with her. But Flynn shares that Lucy did not read far enough in the journal: it turns out their fling ends because Lucy is soooooo in love with Wyatt. But does she share her feelings right away? Of course not.

What ends up pushing Lucy to share her feelings is Wyatt almost dying in an explosion – while delivering a baby – which makes her realize she no longer wants to hold back anymore. While they are hiding out in a church on their trip to North Korea, Lucy shares with Wyatt the following: “After that explosion, I thought you were dead. And for a moment, I saw my whole life without you and my world ended, Wyatt. I just kept thinking about all this time that we had wasted, just wasting so much time. And then, all of a sudden, there you were, holding a stranger’s baby that you had delivered. And then I knew… I’d fallen in love with you. And nothing that happened or didn’t happen or might happen was ever going to change it.” She shares with him the three same words he had shared with her in the season two finale: “I love you.”

And then finally, Wyatt and Lucy share a long-awaited kiss. It’s been 7 agonizing episodes since “Hollywoodland” (longer when you consider the 6 months the show was off the air), but the wait was so worth it.

That kiss seems to break open the dam because after that we get SO MUCH LYATT. Them holding hands as they fly the lifeboat back to 2018, an almost sexy-time scene under the mistletoe and so much more!

The end of the episode flashes forward to 2023. Lucy is walking out of her class (yes, she’s back to being a professor) and meets her husband, Wyatt, with their two kids. Let’s repeat that one more time: IT ENDS WITH LUCY AND WYATT MARRIED AND WITH TWO KIDS. And to make it even better, their kids’ names are Amy and Flynn. If you don’t think I rewound the video 10,000 times to re-watch this scene alone, then you are sorely mistaken.

The Magic of Christmas

Kudos to the writers of this double episode, Arika Lisanne Mittman and Lauren Greer, for finding a way to tie in Christmas without the holiday taking over the episode. I love that they picked events that happened on Christmas Eve and had Agent Christopher decorate the bunker as a way to subtly keep the holiday intertwined in the story. This is how a Christmas episode of television should be done.

Future Generation of Time Travelers?

Remember how I mentioned earlier that the writers left it open-ended, in case some generous company somewhere decided to pick the show up for season three? 

In 2023, Rufus and Jiya stop by a school science fair and Rufus takes a look at a girl’s Leyden jar. The last minute of the episode focuses on this same girl, working on something at her desk in her bedroom. As she gets called down for dinner, viewers see she was working on designs for a time machine that looked an awful lot like the lifeboat. It seems as if she would play a big part in the show should it ever get picked up for another season. 

Agent Christopher also said they were keeping the lifeboat because someone else will surely build another time machine and they’ll need a way to stop them. Based on that, I’d assume our original Time Team would be the ones to stop whoever gets their hands on this girl’s designs.

I’d be so down for all of this if it were to actually play out. NBC, Netflix, somebody, give me more Timelessplease! 

Random Notes: 

  • Tomb Raider Lucy and GI Joe Wyatt really seemed so unhappy. I’m so glad Wyatt and Lucy saw that in their future selves and wanted to do anything and everything NOT to become them.
  • Wyatt’s face when he reads that Lucy and Flynn kissed on the Titanic literally breaks my heart.
  • Side note: I would have LOVED to see them go back to the Titanic.
  • Wyatt and Jiya having an actual conversation is long overdue.
  • “Zorro is real? Now you tell me.” We really did never get enough of fanboy Wyatt. All of Wyatt’s fanboy scenes have been gold.
  • Yikes, Wyatt really idealized his and Jessica’s marriage back in season one. The toxicity is so obvious.
  • Man, I really thought Flynn would find a way to bring back his family. 
  • Riya is adorable together. That is all.
  • I love that Lucy has all but given up on trying to create fake names for themselves.
  • “What’s the point of saving history if we don’t save the people in it?”
  • The Timeless fandom references are so clever. From Jan to Heliclockters to shipping Lyatt, the references made throughout the episode are just another testament to how much the writers appreciate the hardcore fans of this show and vice versa.
  • Wyatt delivered a baby in the middle of a war zone. Just let that sink in some more.
  • Seeing Agent Christopher show up in North Korea reminds me of how robbed we were of having her go out on a proper mission with the team. 
  • I would watch the hell out of a spinoff of nothing but domesticated Lyatt. 
  • “Everybody loses somebody that they love. And no matter how badly they want to, they can’t get them back. And in spite of that, they find a way to go on.” WOW — I’ve been dealing with a death in my family over the last couple of weeks and this line really hit home. 
  • Going off that, I love where they went with the Amy stuff because it was so unexpected. I, for sure, thought the series would end with Amy being brought back to life. 
  • “I’m making more comebacks than Elvis.“ Yet another genius line from Rufus. 
  • I love the fact that Wyatt continues to work under Agent Christopher. Makes my heart so damn happy.
  • “This was supposed to be a regular American history class. How come we’re only studying women?” “I meant to get to the men, but we didn’t have time.” 
  • “The three of us started it, so let’s finish it.” I’m sorry, I can no longer see the screen through ALL OF MY TEARS.

Readers, what did you think of the two-hour Timeless finale? Were you as satisfied as I was? Let us know in the comments below!

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