10 Questions About Elite Season 2

This article completely spoils Elite Season 1. DO NOT READ if you want to avoid spoilers.

Netflix’s newest original series, Elite, is definitely the best show you are probably not watching. If you’ve never heard of it, the series tells the story of 3 working class scholarship students (Samuel, Nadia, and Christian) who start at an elite prep school in Spain after their old school – literally – collapsed. Needless to say, their arrival shakes up Las Encinas social construct. And oh yeah, they’re all being questioned over a murder that happened to one of their own.

My friend Tamar, from the Shipping Room Podcast, put it best: the show is like a Spanish mashup of Gossip Girl, The OC, How To Get Away With Murder and 13 Reasons Why. I know that may sound overwhelming and, at times, it can be; so much goes down in this 8-episode first season that the show requires your full attention while watching. But Elite takes all the beloved tropes found in the aforementioned shows and breathes new life into them.

Netflix has already picked up the show for a second season, which means the drama is far from over. Here are 10 things I want the second season to address. 

Will Marina be a part of season 2?

While it has not been announced who is returning for season 2, it is not crazy to think the writers will find a way for Marina to be part of the show, despite being the one who died at the school pool. My guess is they will show her in flashbacks; I mean, I won’t complain if they find a way to give me more Marina/Nano.

Will Christian come clean about what he knows?

Christian is one of three people who know it was actually Polo who killed Marina. As we saw in the finale, Carla told him he must protect Polo at all costs in order to become one of “them”, as that’s what “they” do: protect their own. But Christian is also BFFs with Nano, who is currently in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Personally, I think they’ll go a few episodes before Christian comes clean as the lure of Carla continuing to be his “girlfriend” will seem too good to give up. However, I do think, for Nano’s sake, he will come clean eventually.

Will Nadia’s father let her return to Las Encinas?

Throughout the season, Nadia always chose her family’s happiness over her own, especially after her sister left and caused lots of disappointment and sadness. When Nadia’s father finally relented and said she could go back to Las Encinas if she agreed not to see “that boy”, aka Guzman, she stood up to him and said she didn’t want to return unless there were no conditions. We know Nadia will be okay now that she finally chose herself but will we see her back at Las Encinas? Only time will tell, but my gut says yes.

Will Nadia and Guzman FINALLY get together?

I thought I had already seen the slowest of slow burns (Gilmore Girls’ Luke and Lorelai, The West Wing‘s Josh and Donna, and Younger‘s Charles and Liza all come to mind) until I started shipping Nadia and Guzman and they took slow burn to a whole other level. Nadia made Guzman want to be a better person, not for her but because of her. I mean, have you seen the smile he has plastered on his face whenever she’s around? He even told Lu he is in love with Nadia and it’s so obvious she feels the same. Yet, after the shared moment Lu and Guzman had after she stopped him from jumping off a bridge, Nadia and Guzman may continue to be an epically painful slow burn in season two.

Why did Nano leave Marina at the pool?

My heart broke seeing Nano cry over Marina’s body as he found her lying in a pool of her own blood. He tried to talk to her, though we couldn’t hear what he said. What a powerful and poignant moment. Yet, as we discovered a few episodes before the finale, Samuel saw Nano run away, leaving Marina struggling for life on the side of the pool. So why did he leave her? Was he going to get help? He loved her so much, so leaving her behind doesn’t make sense to me. My guess is he didn’t want to be blamed for her death, but that didn’t work out for him in the end, so was it worth it?

Who called the police?

In the grand scheme of things, this seems insignificant. But somebody alerted the police that murder went down at Las Encinas and we don’t know who. We can rule out Samuel because he seemed shocked when the police showed up and found him covered in Marina’s blood. I do think it was one of our main characters, though. Maybe Nadia? There’s still a lot we don’t know from that night and this is just one small piece of the puzzle.

What exactly is on the drive inside the red leather watch?

We can pretty much trace everything that happened in season one back to this red leather watch. I mean, Polo went so far as to kill Marina over this watch — it clearly holds a certain level of power. But what’s on the drive within? We know it holds secret documents about the business dealings of Carla and Marina’s fathers but not what those documents reveal. Is the information it contains dangerous enough to cause another building collapse or some other kind of equally-as-bad tragedy? With those two shady characters, nothing would surprise me.

Will Omar finally break free of his parents’ control?

“Nadia, I can’t breathe anymore. Help me, please.”

Omar comes from a religious, Muslim, working class family, which forces him to keep not only his drug side hustle a secret but also the fact he’s gay and in love with Ander. After Ander’s mom accidentally outed Omar to his father, he was forced to lie and say he’s not gay. However, at the end of the finale, we know Omar was grounded and his father wanted to find him a wife ASAP. I hope they continue to explore Omar looking to break free from his parents in season two because it was one of the best parts of the first season. 

Will we ever meet Nadia and Omar’s sister?

Part of the reason Nadia and Omar’s parents are so protective over them is because their older sister left the family after getting into the partying lifestyle; they think Nadia and Omar will fall into the same “trap” by spending time with the kids as Las Encinas. With all of the mentions of her in season one, it seems the obvious next step would be for us to meet her in season 2 or at least see Nadia and/or Omar try to get in touch with her, right?

Will we ever find out more about the other school?

Am I the only one who is curious about the school Samuel, Christian and Nadia came from? Like, we know absolutely nothing about it except for the fact it collapsed. I hope season two explores their previous school, especially in conjunction with the documents in the watch.

What questions do you hope get answered in season 2? Let me know in the comments below! Elite will return to Netflix sometime in 2019. Keep checking back for updates. 

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