Sneak Peek & Trailer for Freeform’s Holiday RomCom “The Truth About Christmas”

You’re probably over leftover turkey and maybe even the pecan pie which means Thanksgiving is behind you and Christmas is straight ahead. What better way to get in a merry mood than Freeform’s funny, new holiday film The Truth About Christmas. Think Jim Carrey’s Liar Liar mixed with a magical Santa, unfortunate first impressions and romance.

Kali Hawk (“New Girl”) stars as Jillian, a successful political consultant, confident in her ability to put a spin on anything whose next big project is the upcoming mayoral campaign for her boyfriend, George (Damon Dayoub, Freeform’s “Stitchers”). On the way to meet George’s family for the first time during the holidays, an unusual confrontation with a toy store Santa results in a drastic change in Jillian where she can’t stop herself from wildly spilling the truth. Ali Ghandour (Freeform’s “Alone Together”) co-stars as George’s brother Blake, who believes you should always be true to yourself but thinks Jillian just might be losing it. Jillian must find a way to make it stop before her holidays, her job and her relationship are ruined.

“The Truth About Christmas” was written by Kelly Bowe (“Monte Carlo”) and directed by Jay Karas (“Alone Together”, “Teachers”). The movie is executive produced by Fernando Szew, Hannah Pillemer, and Gaylyn Fraiche.

Check out this hilarious extended sneak peek:

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Freeform’s The Truth About Christmas airs Sunday, Nov. 25 at 9:00-11:00 p.m. EST/PST.

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