Why I Think Jason Tartick Should Be the Next Bachelor

It’s that time of year where everyone remotely dialed into pop culture speculates and debates about who should be the next Bachelor. For the longest time, the next Bachelor was chosen from the previous group of Bachelorette contestants; it was usually someone from the top 4, but on occasion, you’d see men eliminated earlier than that picked as the next lead. However, it’s no longer a guarantee that a guy from the previous batch of contestants will be picked. Despite there being charismatic fan-favorites from both Joelle Fletcher and Rachel Lindsay’s seasons of The Bachelorette that would have made perfect bachelors, ABC made choices from way out of left field. Instead, the last two seasons of The Bachelor featured bachelors from years earlier in Nick Viall and Arie Luyendyk Jr. 

Even though it’s no longer a guarantee, I have a gut feeling the next Bachelor is going to be one of Becca Kufrin’s top 4, with my preference being Jason Tartick. Here’s why: 

Let’s start with Jason’s background. Jason is a 29-year-old senior corporate banker from Buffalo, NY who currently finds himself living in Seattle. One point to him for having a real grown-ass job, unlike most contestants in this franchise. The rest of his Bachelor bio reads: “When Jason’s not rooting for his hometown Buffalo Bills, he’s belting out tunes from his favorite Disney movies.” A guy who not only loves sports but also has a huge love for Disney movies and songs? *heart eyes*

On The Bachelorette, Jason flew under the radar for the first few weeks; hell, Becca even forgot his name in week three. It wasn’t until week 6, when Jason had his first one-on-one date in Richmond, that we got to learn more about who he is and really see his personality shine.

Jason seems to be as genuine and sincere as they come; it was clear from the beginning that Jason was never on the show just for Instagram fame or to play a role. It was refreshing to see someone who could simultaneously be serious and driven but unafraid to let loose and have fun. He consistently dressed well, even outside of the rose ceremonies, and was apparently the best kisser out of the group. From his one-on-one in Richmond, it was clear he has a great group of friends. His hometown date proved he has an even better relationship with his family; he admitted on the show that he admires his parents’ relationship and considers his brother and his husband to be “role models.”

However, even though Jason was never anything but honest with Becca, it took him a little longer than Garrett and Blake to open up to her. As a result, Becca didn’t feel as confident in their relationship and she sent him home before the fantasy suite portion of their date in Thailand during week 9.

But Jason’s not bitter. In fact, he’s quite the opposite. During the Men Tell All episode, Jason mentioned multiple times that he hopes he and Becca can reach the point of being good friends outside of the show.

In the last week or so, ever since Jason was sent home in Thailand, fans have started vocalizing their support for him to be the next Bachelor, including many former franchise contestants.

So would he do it if he was offered? 

He told Glamour, “The experience is incredible. The producers, the relationships with the cast, the production…it exceeded everything I could have asked for, and because of that I would be more than open if that opportunity presented itself.”

If we’re still not all in agreement on Jason being the next Bachelor that’s fine. I guess we can still be friends. But hopefully we can all agree that there is one thing ABC should not do: pull another guy out of left field, and especially not someone who could be featured on the popular “Who the Heck Are You?” segment of Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti’s Almost Famous podcast.

After the last two seasons, where the rug was pulled out from underneath fans, there seems to be a little PTSD and concern about whether that kind of blindside might happen again. While it might be easy for some to say this is a trivial issue and ABC can do whatever it wants, it’s no secret both Nick and Arie were dull bachelors and probably should not have gotten the gig; their seasons reflected that in the decreased ratings.

While it’s likely to be a couple of weeks before an official announcement is made, I’ll be curious to see whether ABC chooses to stand with its viewers or with its brand. Bachelor Nation is a passionate group of people who shouldn’t be messed with and I don’t know how much longer they’ll collectively be able to take not getting to see their dream Bachelor picks come to fruition.

Bachelor Nation, who do you hope ABC picks to be the next Bachelor? Let me know in the comments!

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