‘Last Chance U’ Season 3 Trailer Released

The season 3 trailer for Netflix’s Last Chance U just dropped and viewers are in for an interesting new cast of characters.

Instead of East Mississippi Community College, where the first two seasons were set, this season will focus on the team at Independence Community College in Kansas. Through watching the first two seasons, I grew to love the people and program at EMCC, so I was hesitant about how a change in scenery would impact the series. But if this trailer is any indication, this season looks to be just as strong as the previous two. And I already find Independence’s head coach Jason Brown to be much more charismatic and endearing than I ever found EMCC’s Buddy Stephens to be.

This year will focus on another group of high-profile players, including former Florida State and four-star quarterback prospect Malik Henry, former Texas Tech wide receiver Carlos Thompson, and former Michigan running back Kingston Davis.

The third season of Last Chance U will debut July 20 on Netflix.

The first two seasons of Last Chance U are available to stream on Netflix. For more information, you can follow the show on Twitter.


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