Singer-Songwriter Kris Angelis Releases New Single “Photobooth”

Singer-songwriter Kris Angelis is back with her newest single, “Photobooth,” that undoubtedly takes listeners back to her roots with a song that heavily features folk-pop sound she’s known and loved for.

The new single has Angelis reflecting on the power that one moment of your life can have, even if it was only a couple of seconds long. With her lyrics, she has the ability to make her music relatable and have the listener reflect the most influential and powerful moments of their lives. The image of a photobooth capturing specific and special moments in time is the perfect illustration of this message.

In the description for “Photobooth” on Soundcloud, Angelis writes, “I’ve always thought photo booths were so fun and romantic – I guess because they’re kind of old-fashioned and there’s a little curtain you get to go behind and capture spontaneous moments. The song is about the idea that you can capture a moment and all of it’s imagined futures in a flash of light and then it’s gone except for the paper and ink.”

“Photobooth” is also the perfect summer song; bright and breezy, the beat ebbs and flows with carefree abandon that instinctively transports listeners to a happier place. Angelis captures the same sunny disposition with her pristine vocals. You will definitely catch me listening to this by the pool all summer long.

Make sure you check out “Photobooth” here. For more information, you can visit Angelis’ website. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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