Interview with Hustle & Soul’s Dominic D’Angelica

WE tv’s hit culinary docu-series Hustle & Soul has everything that you look for in a reality television show. It has drama, good food, secret hookups, and most importantly: the Twins. Not only are they the moral and comedic backbone of the show, but they look good doing it.

I had the opportunity to speak with half of the dynamic twin duo, Dominic D’Angelica, about everything that fans can expect from this season.



How has your life changed since Season 1 premiered?

Life has been really different since season 1 premiered. Me and Stef get recognized all over Brooklyn! Walking to the trains and just walking around. It’s a cool feeling. We stop and take pics with everyone who recognizes us!

Do you find that people recognize you when they come into the restaurant?

When we are working in the restaurant everyone recognizes the “twins.” It’s non stop! “Twins, can we have pictures with you?“ “We love you guys!“ “You and your brother are the best!“

Do you have any regrets from the first season?

I have no regrets from the first season!

Do you think viewers got to see the real you? Is there anything you wish people knew about you?

The viewers always get to see the real me. That’s all me and my brother. It’s all real. We are natural born entertainers! We love what we do.

I would love for people to know where we grew up and how we built the most amazing treehouses as kids.

How have the new cast members, like Cola, shaken things up at the restaurant and on the show?

Cola has brought more beauty and fun to the restaurant. On the show, she keeps it real and doesn’t let anyone play her. We love her.

There are a lot of fights and arguments in the show, how do you decompress from all of that stress?

Drama and fights happen! My mindset is always in a positive picture. So I always stay away from the drama. It’s just a natural ability I have.

Were you #TeamAna or #TeamThandi?

If I had to choose, #TeamAna. She has been a lot nicer to my brother and I. And she’s funny. [laugh]

Were you tempted to move to Miami for the new location after Lawrence made the announcement?

Hell yeah! Moving to Miami would be crazy. The weather. The location. It’s everything in Miami!

What can viewers expect from the rest of the season?

The views will expect more surprises and some more comedy from my brother and I. Also, love and support! #staytuned

Do either of you have any upcoming projects you would like to promote?

My brother, Stefen, writes his own music. We have a track that we want to promote very soon. We also have a music video that we want to produce for this track.

Lastly, our blog is called Talk Nerdy With Us. What’s something (movie, tv show, podcast, etc.) that you’re currently nerding out over?

My brother and I are nerding out over the Rock’s movies as well as Hustle and Soul and the #tvtwins.

Hustle & Soul airs Thursdays at 10 pm ET/PT on WE tv. You can follow Dominic on Twitter and Instagram

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