8 Reasons Why ‘Timeless’ Needs to Be Renewed: An Acronym Breakdown of “Timeless”

We’re reaching the final few episodes of Timeless Season 2, and the most anticipated question rolling around the internet is whether or not the show will be renewed for a third season.

We can’t forget what happened last year when NBC decided to cancel Timeless. After an uproar of fan disapproval, the network resurrected the show within three days because we, myself included, were not having it. I’m always going to bring up this shocking turn of events because few shows have had success in getting a network to bring them back (Hello, Jericho and Chuck! For 15 more shows that were saved by fans read here) Usually, once a show is pronounced dead, it’s a done deal.

We are so grateful to have Timeless back and Season 2 has, without a doubt, been killing the game. There are still so many stories that need to be told and Season 2 most definitely should not be the last we see of our favorite time travelers.

Here are 8 reasons why Timeless needs to be renewed for a third season!

Truly Educational

With each episode, you actually learn important factoids and delve into timelines from US history. So far, the show has done a great job in telling these stories and bringing them to life. Each episode takes us back to a period in history that doesn’t fail to give you a good understanding of what went down during that era. I, for one, have learned some cool historical details from this show. The creativity is spot on and we can’t forget about the costumes!

Intriguing Plotlines

Who doesn’t love time travel? The show may take some artistic license, but it wouldn’t be great if it didn’t tweak some things here and there to benefit the characters’ arcs.

You think you know what’s going to happen next, but Timeless always finds a way to surprise you. The drama will have you anticipating what’s to come and it’ll inspire your own mindboggling theories. The story behind what Rittenhouse does and what they stand for is already intriguing in and of itself. Imagine if there was such a group in real life!

Meaningful Friendships

I love our favorite Time Team. Wyatt, Rufus, and Lucy are like family now, and their friendship and loyalty towards one another holds no bounds. Yeah, Rufus was stuck in a miserable rut in Season 1 when he was forced to spy on his friends while they were on missions as a team. But, softie that he is, he felt incredibly bad about his duplicity because he knew playing double agent against his teammates wasn’t right.

These three have grown to rely on each other while kicking ass along the way. I’m telling you, when one of them is not on the lifeboat there’s always a void. The Time Team is nothing without these three in sync as a whole and their meaningful friendships play an impactful role in the dynamic of the show.

Epic Love Stories

Yes, you heard that correctly. Right now, it’s the angst of Lyatt that has everyone raving. These two have grown so much from their initial tight bond of friendship in the first season, to something greater and far more romantic as the episodes progressed. Clearly, there is a lot of chemistry between Lucy and Wyatt. And clearly, they know just how much they mean to one another. Plus they both have been through a lot together. I mean solving crimes and time traveling with one another? That has to count for something! They’re in a rough patch now that the timeline has been tampered with and Wyatt’s wife, Jessica, is no longer dead, but we can’t just erase what Lyatt has grown to be with each other and to us. They’ll find their way back to one another, the writers know what they’re doing and what the fans want.

Leveled Humour

Rufus Carlin wins when it comes to humor. No doubt about it! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve let out a good laugh from watching something he’s said or done. From random awkward encounters to hilarious one-liners, Rufus is the joker of the trio. It’s pure comedy, I tell you. He’s exactly what you need to lighten the mood when you’re faced with all kinds of danger. However, everyone else seems to get their fair share of funny lines too.

Exceptional Storytelling

Timeless is superb at creating innovative storylines. We need more episodes because there’s so much history to tell, so much to unfold. No character is ever left behind, they all have a purpose, and that’s what makes the dynamic of this time traveling trio so profound. We need more! And inevitably, the show always leaves you wanting exactly that… more!

Seasoned Cast

Timeless not only boasts an incredibly talented cast, but also a diverse one. More and more shows are making that much-needed effort, but we must keep it going. More inclusion, more representation.

Simply one of the best TV shows out there

No other explanation needed. Timeless has a mixture of everything – great storytelling, smart writing, strong characters, a diverse cast (and writers room), creativity, humor, history. All of it.

Don’t you think Timeless should be renewed for another season? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

Timeless airs Sundays at 10/9c on NBC.

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