Man Crush Monday: The Fantastic Five from Project Runway All-Stars

I couldn’t pick one man for Man Crush Monday so I picked five! Season 6 of Project Runway All Stars ended last Thursday with the crowning of our new champion and one-line wonder, Anthony Williams, who became the first gay black man to win a season of Project Runway EVER. But before that, we had the Fantastic Five. For the first time in the show’s history, five men of color swept the top five spots. And let me tell you… they were pretty fantastic! Here is a little bit about each one of them and what makes them so Man Crushable.

Let’s talk about Anthony Williams first since he won! Let me tell you, when he won, GIRL – that was a scream that woke up the world!! Before coming to Project Runway, Anthony competed in pageants in drag, which is most likely where he got his flair for the dramatic. Anthony first appeared on Season 7 of Project Runway where he placed 5th and then placed 9th on the first season of Project Runway All Stars. Finally he got it right with his finale collection inspired by “if Katherine Hepburn had lived long enough to become Rhianna” or something like that. Aside from his Ah-Mazing gowns, Anthony was known for his snappy one-liners, which somebody should make into a book that I would buy for all my friends. Here are some of my favorite looks from Season 6 of PRAS. @AnthonyElle_

Photo by Pawel Kaminski c 2018

Stanley Hudson, (not the guy from The Office) originally competed on Season 11 of Project Runway where he placed 3rd. Stanley currently works as a costume designer for the hit TV series Black-ish and has worked with Bob Mackie to dress Cher and Carol Burnett (what else can you aspire to after that?). Stanley started out slow this season, landing in the bottom on the second challenge, but his crisp yet playful style was one of my favorites of the finale, even if he called his own collection a disaster. That leather-collared top and swing skirt with black underlining killed me! @shudsondesigns

Photo by Pawel Kaminski c 2018

Fabio Costa was born in Belo Horizante, Brazil and was raised by his grandmother who was a seamstress. He placed 2nd on Season 10 of Project Runway and also competed as a rookie this season on PRAS. In 2012, he started his own clothing line called Not Equal which highlights the unique style and genderless shape of his work. According to his website, Fabio’s ambition is to push boundaries while offering rational fashion. Honestly, his finale collection stood out to me as a perfect example of the weird but ultra-cool that is Fabio.

Ken Laurence originally placed 8th on Season 12 of Project Runway and has competed twice now on PRAS placing 3rd in Season 5 and now 4th in Season 6. In his first season, Ken was likely remembered for his attitude more than his fashion, but he seems to have mellowed and fine-tuned his look. Ken is a self-educated designer who now works out of Atlanta, Georgia. His style is very innovative or, according to his website, “juxtaposes eclectic feminine-masculinity.” I love the new Ken and I think he should have been included in the finale, but that’s just me!

Edmond Newton was born in Steubenville, Ohio and was raised by a military dad and a hairstylist mom who both influenced his style tremendously. Edmond placed third on Season 14 of Project Runway and competed as a rookie this season on PRAS. He was voted Best Dressed in Jr. High and later worked as a professional male model. Edmond currently works out of his studio in Atlanta. I loved Edmond’s winning rocker look!

The Fantastic Five rocked it this season with their collaborative attitudes. They set out with the goal to get each other to the finale, and it worked. Throughout the season they helped each other and shared opinions and I think it was one of the best finale runways in a while. Congratulations guys! Throw Kentaro in there and I think we’ve got a spin-off in the making.

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