4 Things From Stephen Amell’s Panel at Awesome Con

Over the weekend, I got to attend Stephen Amell’s panel at Awesome Con here in Washington, D.C. Guys, if you ever have the opportunity to attend a Stephen Amell panel, at any kind of convention whatsoever, I highly recommend doing so. Not only is he really funny, he’s very good at making a Q&A feel like a conversation. He would ask people how they would answer the questions they had just asked him and was just overall very engaging. It was definitely worth getting in line almost 2 hours early for. Here are a couple of takeaways from his panel:


As the end of Arrow’s sixth season approaches, fans are left wondering what’s yet to come. Will OTA ever make up with NTA? What is Black Siren really up to? How are they going to take Ricardo Diaz down once and for all? Stephen, surprisingly, shared some mild spoilers during his panel about what fans can expect to see during the rest of the season.

  • Apparently, there’s a fight scene coming up in episode 20 that took all day to shoot, which according to Stephen, is rare.
  • He also said, ”the event that will end our sixth season” will give them the opportunity to explore incorporating other stuff from DC Comics as part of the Arrowverse.
  • In episode 18, they are going to examine the idea that all of the people in Oliver’s life seem to be leaving him.

Crossover with Black Lightning

With Black Lightning being the newest superhero addition to The CW, it was just a matter of time before somebody asked Stephen what he thought about the show and whether or not he believed we would see Arrow and Black Lightning crossover anytime soon.

He said he hasn’t seen any of Black Lightning yet, but he also hasn’t seen any of Supergirl or This is Us this season due to his schedule. He also mentioned that he had just properly met Cress for the first time the day before, though he remembered him from his time on 90210 and would like to work with him.

Speaking of which…. “Everybody likes to pretend we won’t crossover with Black Lightning, but we probably will,” he said. “That’s just how the world works.”

Possibility of William Taking Over One Day

Although I was initially hesitant about the Oliver-having-a-secret-son storyline, it’s allowed for some nice character growth for Oliver and some really touching scenes between him and William. Because this relationship has become such a focal point of the current season, it wasn’t a surprise that a question regarding William came up during Stephen’s panel. One fan asked whether we would see William train with the bow and arrow anytime soon. Stephen said while there was nothing currently planned, that would be very cool. “Nothing would make me happier than that the show and universe could exist beyond my character.”

Batman on Arrow

When asked which DC Comics character he would like to see pop up on Arrow next, Stephen immediately knew his answer: Batman.

“If Supergirl can get Superman, then we can get Batman,” he said.

He also said if that were to happen he would like Bruce Wayne to be the villain. “Everyone is the hero of their own story,” and Oliver is the hero of Arrow, Stephen pointed out. “If they had opposing ideas for the city, wouldn’t that make Batman a villain [in Oliver’s eyes]?” The fan who asked this question countered with the Joker, but Stephen said that would be too on the nose.

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