“Timeless” Season 2 Episode 1 Review: A War to End All Wars

Time Team! We. Are. Back.

After the shocking cancellation announcement last year, followed by an uproar by fans demanding Timeless come back, NBC did the unthinkable… Three days after it was canceled, this time-traveling adventure show was renewed. A happy day for us all!

The season two premiere of Timeless came rolling in with all kinds of goodness, intrigue, suspense and lots of adventure. The episode picks up six weeks after the explosion at Mason Industries and Lucy being taken away by Rittenhouse. How will the Time Team get back to being the team it once was? That’s what this episode answered.

Let’s break down this first episode back, shall we?

Wyatt’s Desperate Search to Bring Lucy Home

There’s no denying these two grew immensely close throughout the duration of season one. The slow burn of their potential relationship kept me on my toes all hiatus, and now, in the season two premiere, it’s completely obvious Wyatt truly and deeply cares about Lucy. Not only does he do well in showing that, he definitely LOVES her. I mean, even Rufus knows THAT.

His determination to save Lucy, being with her again as a team, and keeping her safe is all so… heartfelt. Love it. Also Wyatt, without Lucy around, is pretty grumpy. He’s not playing around when it comes to getting her back. Don’t even try it.

Lucy and Her Mom

Turns out Lucy has been with her mother and Emma this whole time, and she seems different. I guess it’s because she thought the people she cared for were all killed in that detonated bomb Rittenhouse planted in Mason Industries. The fact that Lucy was willing to sacrifice herself in order to stop Rittenhouse from doing something terrible speaks volumes on her part. Though things are shaky now since Lucy had to part ways with her own mother, who chose to be on Rittenhouse’s side. It’s a tricky and complicated mother-daughter relationship; it’s heartbreaking. I know it’s only the premiere, but it seems like it’s going to take a while for these two to get back to how they once were.

Rittenhouse Has a New Plan

The Time Team’s mission has changed. Now that we know Rittenhouse’s sleeper agents are scattered in the past, it’s our team’s job to stop them from whatever kind of mischievous plan they have up their sleeves. For Lucy, risks are harder to take as her mother chose to join the other side at the end of season one, leaving Lucy to bear the pain of losing the only family she has left.

The Time Team Reunion

It was so great seeing the Time Team embrace each other after so long. The look on Wyatt’s face after he hugged Lucy speaks volumes. She really thought they were dead — imagine the grief she had to go through. Alone. Speaking of that, I really want to see what exactly happened during those 6 weeks she was on her own. Carol mentioned how she came a long way. What happened? What went on for Rufus and Wyatt as well? I hope we will get to see some flashbacks of their time apart at some point.

Flynn Only Wants to Talk to Lucy

It looks like Flynn might have some answers and the only person he’ll talk to is Lucy, despite thinking she betrayed him in the season one finale. Maybe he now knows the truth about how things went down and he’ll spill some interesting facts on what the sleeper agents are going to do next.

Lyatt: The Ship That’s Sailing Itself

We were SO close to a kiss. Then Jiya had to interrupt! But there is definitely chemistry in the air. There was so much longing in Lucy’s eyes that Wyatt gave in, feeling the same way. Ugh, these two are just precious. It’s also the little things they do that makes you squeal. Like when Jiya came to interrupt, Wyatt was rubbing Lucy’s back in comfort. He’s making sure she knows she has him. She hasn’t lost everyone. She still has him.

Ah, my heart.

Overall, the season 2 premiere of Timeless sets up what’s in store for this season exceptionally well and doesn’t waste any time in doing so. I’m excited for what’s to come.

Timeless airs Sundays at 10pm/9c on NBC


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