Top Ten Most Romantic TV Couples

Valentine’s Day may be over, but we can always appreciate some romantic TV couples, am I right? Now, this is not the end all be all of lists. This is just my personal top ten of the most romantic TV relationships I have watched.

10. Chuck & Blair, Gossip Girl

No, Chuck and Blair did not have a healthy relationship, but romance they did have. From the very beginning there was a spark between them. And no matter what happened to them they always ended up back together.

9. Schmidt & Cece, New Girl

These two together make me so happy. Schmidt was in love with Cece for forever and to see them finally marry was perfect. I can’t wait to see what they get into in the final season.

8. Cosima & Delphine, Orphan Black

The sexual chemistry between these two is palpable. They most definitely did not have it easy, but boy when they were together they were on fire.

7. Emily & Richard, Gilmore Girls

Emily and Richard will forever be relationship goals. I mean, just watch the gif. That’s love. And seeing Emily without Richard in the most recent episodes was absolutely heartbreaking.

6. Monroe & Rosalee, Grimm

Some people may disagree with me here, but Monroe and Rosalee are one of my favorite TV couples ever. Monroe was always so protective of Rosalee, especially when she was pregnant, but he also respected that she could protect herself.

5. Glenn & Maggie, The Walking Dead

I could write a book on the relationship between Glenn and Maggie. Every relationship in The Walking Dead goes through tough times, but Glenn and Maggie went through the worst of the worst. And their love for each other remained through it all.

4. Randall & Beth, This Is Us

First of all, Sterling K. Brown is perfection. Randall and Beth probably have the most accurate marriage I have ever seen on TV. They work together to get through the tough times, and still find times to laugh together.

3. Alec & Magnus, Shadowhunters

If you didn’t cheer when Alec stopped his wedding and kissed the heck out of Magnus, there is something wrong with your heart. Watching their relationship blossom over the past season has been so much fun.

2. Rory & Amy, Doctor Who

It’s not easy to love someone while traveling through space and time, but Amy and Rory make it look easy. I mean, Rory waited for thousands of years to be with Amy again. Does it get more romantic?

1. Jamie & Claire, Outlander

Okay yes, it does get more romantic. Jamie and Claire have a relationship for the ages. The passion between them is immeasurable. Watching them part at the end of season 2 was so very heartbreaking. But of course, they found a way back to each other.

So that’s my top ten! Who do you agree with? Who would you add?


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