Single Review: Spence Reed’s “Heartbeat”

Sometimes the songs you love the most are the ones you didn’t set out to find. That is the case for my love of Spence Reed’s new single, “Heartbeat.”

I randomly ended up on Spence’s Instagram account one night and started looking through his posts to see what kind of music he played. Once I realized his music fell into the country genre, I knew I had to give it a listen.

I ended up listening to his newly released single, “Heartbeat,” as it’s the only thing he currently has out to the public. I honestly loved it so much I ended up putting it on repeat that same night. I enjoyed his original approach to the “I want to know the real you and experience real love” theme, with my favorite part being when he croons the lyric, “give me the eyes that say it all.” His music stylings incorporate some rock elements, which even this die-hard country fan can appreciate.

I highly recommend you check out Spence’s single. I don’t know if an EP or album is coming out anytime soon, but I will definitely be supporting any new music he puts out.

For more information about Spence’s music, you can check out his website or follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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