Man Crush Monday: Scott Michael Foster

You know the best part about writing for Talk Nerdy With Us? What used to be considered an extremely creepy level of online celebrity stalking is now considered “thorough research.” And I couldn’t allow for anything but the best for this week’s #ManCrushMonday: Scott Michael Foster from CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Scott moved to L.A. in 2004 to pursue his dreams of acting. Ever since 2007 when he played Cappie on ABC Family’s hit show, Greek, he has been very busy. He’s had a plethora of amazing roles such as: Tyler in Californication, Kristoff in Once Upon a Time (on my watchlist.), Leo Hendrie in Chasing Life, Wick Briggs in Blood & Oil and Hunt Whitmarsh in the period piece Halt and Catch Fire. However, my personal favorite is as the dancing, singing, ostensibly-villainous-but-really-just-insecure Nathaniel Plimpton III in CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

According to my thorough research, it seems that Scott originally auditioned for the role of Greg (which ultimately went to Broadway legend and subject for another #MCM, Santino Fontana). However, when the sardonic alcoholic left the show, and Rebecca needed a new non-Josh love interest and part-time nemesis, Nathaniel was called to bat. Over his season and a half story-arc, he has gone from truly detestable (the song introducing him, “Who’s The New Guy?”, assumed everyone would hate him and, according to Scott, they really, really did. His social media was brutal for the first few episodes!) to  a fairly loveable dope with Daddy issues and an awesome body.

Then we come to learn he is just insecure in his relationship with his father and traumatized from a trying upbringing. That seems to be how he and Rebecca ultimately relate–they both spend most of their lives trying to please people who will never be pleased. You can imagine how the sparks began to fly, after all what’s sexier than being stuck in an elevator and discussing Harry Potter? (Nathaniel cops to being a Slytherin, but in reality Scott swears he’s a total Hufflepuff.) 

As if his ridiculous good looks and almost unbelievable charm aren’t enough to celebrate, he also sings. As someone who grew up doing musical theater, then was lead guitarist and singer in an indie rock band, Siren’s Eye, it’s not surprising how well he adapts to the musical element of the show. His first song, “Let’s Have Intercourse,” a parody of Ed Sheeran, turned out to be one of the standout numbers from the second season. Do some more research (remember, it’s not stalking, it’s work) and one can find on his Instagram page videos of him singing “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge, and I’m reminded that exact show is starting a pre-broadway tryout in Boston this summer. Wonder if it’s totally cast?

But maybe the most swoon-worthy thing about Scott is that his Instagram and Twitter feeds are covered in photos of his bromance with fellow Crazy Ex cast member Pete Gardner (Darryl). Apparently they have become serious BFFs–taking vacations together, hiking, and going to dinner; Scott even went as Darryl for Halloween last year! If that wasn’t adorable enough, most days Scott’s social media accounts are covered in photos of his incredibly cute dogs: Oliver, the Chihuahua-Pomeranian, and his brother, Chuck, a miniature German Schnauzer. Is there anything hotter than a guy who loves animals? 

So what’s next for the singing, dancing, guitar-playing, bromancing, dog-loving hottie? Turns out he also just produced and starred in a short-film, Wake the Riderless Horse, that will debut February 23 at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. Check it out if you’re in the area and let us know what you think!

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