Man Crush Monday: Patrick Garrow

This past week I was up all til crazy hours binging the Netflix Original Series Slasher. I watched Season One, all 8 episodes, in a single sitting (yes, it’s that good and engrossing). I fell totally in love with the character Tom Wilson, played by Canadian born actor Patrick Garrow. Many of you know him as Turin in SyFy’s hit series, Killjoys, which has fortunately been renewed for two more seasons. 

Patrick’s other TV credits are impressive: Damnation, 12 Monkeys, Reign, Pure, the werewolf drama Bitten, Hannibal, Murdoch Mysteries, Alphas, Suits, Haven, Paradise Falls, The State Within, Mutant X, Monk, Nikita, Hemlock Grove and F/X The Series and that is by no means an exhaustive list. His first credited appearance is 1997’s Strictly Spanking.

That’s just scratching the surface: Patrick has done voice acting (Bolts and Blip and Franklin and Friends) and video game voice overs (Splinter Cell: Blacklist, The Division, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Shuyan Saga, and The Black Mirror). On the other end of the spectrum are his TV documentaries, Air Emergency and Secret Files Of The Inquisition. His TV movies include An Amish Murder, Desperately Seeking Santa, Change of Plans, and The 19th Wife.

Feature film credits are equally rousing and include the 2015 Roland Emmerich drama about the Stonewall riot, Stonewall; 2014’s Robocop, the horror film Buckout Road, the 2015 remake of Poltergeist, Zoom, Regression, High Chicago, and The Good Friday.

Overall, Patrick does seem to do a consequential amount of genre media, which is great news for us nerds. I’m most certainly going to go back and watch some more of his work.

I haven’t even come close to naming all of Patrick’s accomplishments. The actor is focused on his craft, and very private in his personal life. He does not keep any social media accounts.

If you’re a horror fan, I can’t recommend Slasher highly enough, and I look forward to Killjoys’ return in this summer!

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