‘The Real’: The Daytime Talk Show You Should Be Watching

We all have that one talk show we can’t seem to get enough of, especially if it’s something you enjoy!

If you have the mornings/afternoons off and want to sit in your living room with a cup of coffee in your hand, check out The Real!

I know I’ve been obsessed with it for quite some time now.

The Real is a daytime talk show consisting of four diverse, outspoken and bold women. The panelists are Tamera Mowry-Housley, Jeannie Mai, Loni Love and Adrienne Houghton! (All in their respected seating order.)

This daytime talk show first aired July 2013. That initial season began as a trial test, but the show was soon picked up for an additional season. There were originally five hosts including Tamar Braxton, but it was later revealed she would no longer be part of the show after the second season.

I can’t seem to get enough of these ladies! Their first half hour is mostly devoted to their ‘Girl Chat’ segment. During this time all four ladies bring up a recent topic trend, or just pose questions that seem to be circling around the media, and then they share their perceptions and ideas.

The ladies bring in their own touch, personality, and unique perspectives to said topics. The way they are so engaging with one another, while sharing their own ideas makes it that much more enjoyable. They never fail to draw me into their topics and I adore how loving and respectful they are to one another. They typically touch on beauty, fashion, relationships, pop culture, and their personal lives. We learn a great deal about them as well as issues that relate to a diverse audience.

In addition to ‘Girl Chat,’ they bring on celebrity guests, play fun games, conduct giveaways, and present other fun segments that keep the show exciting and engaging.

First and foremost, what I enjoy most about this talk show is how diverse these ladies are. Adrienne once said this is the first talk show that has had a latina co-host/lead. The way these ladies share their own experiences and opinions not only make the show inclusive but it also showcases representation as a whole.

When you have a panel of hosts who are bi-racial, Vietnamese, Black, and Latina, the diversity in itself brings about a wealth of understanding and respect for each another. They are able to understand each other’s backgrounds and how that pertains to their own lives.

Just recently, The Real won the 49th NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Talk Series and was the second time they were nominated.

Each host adds their own unique flavor and persona to the topics they converse about, which allows the audience to truly understand the meaning of being yourself. Seeing this diverse group of amazing women tackle a wide variety of topics gives the viewer a more well-rounded understanding of issues from different perspectives.

The Real also does an outstanding job of portraying the seriousness of being outspoken, which I believe can’t be overstated.

Tamera Mowry-Housley has been one of my all-time favorite childhood actresses and public figure, alongside her twin sister, Tia, so being able to see her on a daily talk show makes me happy. I relate to her a lot, sometimes in ways which have shocked me.

Jeannie Mai delivers truth and wisdom when she has the floor. It’s amazing.

Loni Love has a lot of heart and soul. Especially when she speaks up for underrepresented communities.

Adrienne Houghton is always upfront and confident in whatever she conveys.

Oh, and one of the best things about this show is that these ladies know how to keep it R-E-A-L and I love it!

Not only that: their fashion, wardrobe, and makeup are always on point. Someone hook me up with their hair/make-up/wardrobe dresser, please! These ladies never fail to slaaaay and rock their on-screen image.

So check out The Real! They are currently in their 4th season right now and have not only been picked for a 5th season, but for a 6th season as well!  *happy dance* Check your local listings and network for the time and place.

Also, if you would love to be apart of their LIVE studio audience and are in the Los Angeles area, tickets are always available here. For more info on the show you can visit their website.

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