“Proud Mary” Movie Review

Proud Mary/Taraji P. Henson

We finally got a movie with a lead African-American actress, starring none other than Taraji P. Henson in the titular role. However, as much as Proud Mary showed great promise, something different in the eyes of many viewers, I was left rather unsatisfied: not only with how the film turned out, but even how it was promoted in the first place.

Before the premiere there wasn’t much advertising muscle behind the movie. All I remember seeing is Taraji promoting it on her social media accounts. Where were the press releases? Reviews? And why wasn’t SONY Pictures doing most of the promoting for one of their productions?

I felt skeptical and disappointed that it wasn’t pushed the way it should be. Given it’s a movie with a Black actress as its lead, I had high hopes it would be great. I mean, even the trailer for Proud Mary wasn’t as attention-grabbing as I thought it could be.

Nonetheless, I’d already planned on watching this action-thriller. However, after seeing it, I just felt like there was something…missing.

It was a bit aggressively mediocre with how the plot and story was executed: not enough action, as it led you to believe. However, Taraji still knocks it out of the park with her performance. I just think she deserved a better franchise than this one and the plot felt all too predictable to me.

But Mary’s connection and relationship with the kid, Danny, was moving to watch. Taraji was able to produce a genuine sense of warmth within the character, something she does exceptionally well.

I wanted to enjoy Proud Mary, I really did. Some of the acting from Danny Glover and Billy Brown felt a little awkward to watch and certain scenes felt forced.

Ultimately, we were given this bad ass hitwoman character, but rarely do we see her in action. It felt dissonant with the way it was sold and I think it could have been done far better.

I still believe Taraji P. Henson will kill it in loads of other movies, because her talent is like no other, however Proud Mary fell disappointingly short.

Have you seen Proud Mary yet? Did you like it? Leave a comment below.


  1. We’ve seen tons of movies with hit men and hit women, but a black hit woman not so much. It was an action pack and not many surprises, however, the fight scenes were executed well and Mary was a badass with a heart.

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