New Web Series “Another Castle” Tackles Sexism in Nerd Culture

Another Castle is a brand new web series on YouTube from Popcorn & Wine Productions that focuses on sexism in nerd culture. The series centers on two geeky best friends, TJ and Barrett, “as they pursue all of their nerdy passions in nerdom, alternating between a fantasy, comic book world and reality.”

According to the press release, you get to “follow the girls through love and loss, career challenges and successes and the many challenges women face in a subculture too often focused on men and masculinity.”

“This time one year ago, we launched on Indiegogo Campaign for Another Castle on the heels of the women’s marches around the world,” Ruby Goldin, co-founder of Popcorn & Wine Productions said. “It is both disheartening to see that one year later, we still have to peacefully protest for basic human rights, and at the same time inspiring to see the hundreds of thousands of men and women taking a stand. We created this show as a way to add to the global conversation and to specifically focus on an often-overlooked subculture. This series is only the beginning of our commitment to creating art that mirrors our struggle & fight. We intend to keep speaking out, keep creating art, and keep marching on.”

You can subscribe to the show’s channel here and follow them on Twitter and Instagram for more updates. New episodes, which clock in just under ten minutes a piece, will be released every Wednesday at 2pm PST for the next five weeks.

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